Your Words Can Reach Eternity

I am Social Media Director for the University Parkway Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

That means I work with FaceBook, YouTube, the church website, and more.


One day as I worked in FaceBook, a Messenger notice popped up that said, “Hello from Pakistan!”

I seldom use Messenger, I was busy, so I turned the message off without responding.


The same message popped up several more times. It seemed that every time it happened I was rushed to finish a task.


I knew the name as someone who had Liked and Followed our church page. The name didn’t sound like a Pakistani name. But the connections list indicated a friendship with Pastor Dan Jarrard.


Then one day the “Hello from Pakistan” message popped up and I was not pressed for time. I responded.

The resulting conversation revealed that the man is connected to our church in a remarkable way. He translated one of Pastor Dan’s books into the dominant language of Pakistan, Urdu.


The book has been mass published in Urdu and is used as outreach literature by the church members.


They have handed out over 40,000 pieces of Adventist literature in their city, including the book, Why I Am A Sabbath Keeper written by Dr. Dan Jarrard, our pastor.


No records have been kept to tell us how many people have been baptized into the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. But it is safe to say that many of the 25,000 current members read the book first, then joined a study group, and the result was baptism.


Your Turn


Why are you a Sabbath Keeper?

If you are not a Sabbath Keeper, do you wonder why some people worship on Saturday?


Write your story, your journey, of becoming a Sabbath Keeper, including why you continue to be.


Those with questions about Sabbath Keeping, or Sabbath Keepers, follow this Parkway Blog to read the stories that appear here.


Why Should You?


Your journey, your thought processes, your words, your search and conviction, will resonate with someone who reads it. It will blend with their personalities, experiences, needs, and they will read.


From that point, the reading of your story, the Holy Spirit will take over. In the event that the reader contacts the Church, their search will be encouraged and supported through our members… You.


“Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?” is a familiar hymn.

Let me answer. “Yes!”


Get Started Now.

This Is Important.


Just think that one of your stars could be directly connected to the telling of your story which will be posted (published) on the church’s Parkway Blog.

Imagine the thrill in Heaven when someone comes up to you and says, “I am here because of you!”


Editorial help is available to polish your story for publication.