Welcome to the University Parkway SDA Church in Pensacola, Florida. We are a Christian community and would love to have you visit with us at the weekly Sabbath Services.

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Sabbath School classes

We have two discussion groups :

One in the Sanctuary in the Organ-side pews;

One in the first classroom down the East hall. (On the piano side classroom hallway.)


The Sanctuary is Open for Live-audience attendance.

Sabbath School begins at 9:45 a.m. 

Worship Service begins at 10:50 a.m.

Please follow the latest CDC guidelines.


You can connect with our Streamed service from our church website: https://www.universitypkwy.org/live-stream


or Directly from Livestream at



The text of the  Adult Sabbath School Lessons is placed on Face Book daily, early in the morning.

From the church Facebook page, Click on More, then Groups, then Sabbath School Lesson Study


Offerings and Tithes may be submitted through our website: https://adventistgiving.org/#/org/ANTGIV/envelope/start


Stay safe. God is still in control!

Join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Make this Your Home Church.

Join Us This Sabbath.




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Pastor Robert Meneses
University Parkway SDA Church



Ministry Minute


Mingle Ministry


Spend a few minutes thinking about your time at the Services this past Sabbath.


You walk from your car to the front door. Any mingling going on so far?


Probably not.


The front doors open and you step inside.


A greeter probably offers you a bulletin and a greeting.

What did you do about mingling? 


You walk toward the sanctuary door… and Get Inside.


The focus for a lot of us now is – Find a Seat.


Many of us have a favorite location in a favorite pew.

If you were not early, the service parts may be already started.


This is no time for the noise of mingling. Sh-h-h.


Get into the habit of Sabbath School Class. These small groups offer the best opportunity for mingling.


Share your joys, needs, thoughts, insights.


If you aren’t at Sabbath School, you’re missing out!

Get to Sabbath School (on time – or even early!) and make connections. (That’s what ‘mingling’ is all about.)


Sermon time...

The pastor will ask you to verbally be present: “Say Amen when you get there!”

And physically be present: “Does this make sense to you? (Raise your hand if so.)”


This is not mingling. Important, but not mingling.


Mingling takes you to interaction with others present.


Most of us have presets: Seek the same people. Comment about the week. Or the sermon. Ask “How are you?”


Get out of your comfort zone!


Seek someone (or more) that you don’t usually talk with.


Get some words flowing back and forth. Find out about this ‘new’ person’s life, needs, struggles, joys…


Did the sermon meet a felt need for them?


Did the sermon leave any questions?


For many of us getting out to the car is the target when church is over.


That definitely is a mingle-killer.


Encore is a great opportunity. It is an event that you can use to invite friends and neighbors to.


It is recorded of Jesus that He mingled with the people.


Be like Jesus.