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Pastor Dan Jarrard
University Parkway SDA Church


From The Pastor


Dear Church Family,


  Have you yet realized and accepted that our Heavenly Father has a Wonderful Plan for You in 2020?


  There is nothing wrong with making New Year’s Resolutions – as long as they are made because of a spiritual desire for a “new or renewed life.”


  To be sure, the traditional wind of conscience is blowing with much vigor at this time of the year, prompting many to resolve a turning over of a “new leaf.”


  But our resolve is to be nobler in scope. How aptly the poet expressed this wonderful thought through these words that were later set to music:


I am resolved no longer to linger,

Charmed by the world’s delight;

Things that are higher,

       Things that are nobler,

These have allured my sight.

I am resolved to follow the Saviour,

Faithful and true each day;

Heed what He sayeth,

      Do what He willeth,

He is the Living Way.”


Happy New Year.


We love you,


Pastor Dan and Rebecca