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Thanksgiving Baskets

Eleven families helped during this Thanksgiving time.


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Pastor Dan Jarrard
University Parkway SDA Church


From The Pastor


Dear Church Family,


How I enjoy this time of year! The display of color, the coolness in the night and early morning air, the anticipation of entering a special season of “thanksgiving” and “praise.”


However, with this time of year also comes the falling of leaves and a type of death to some grasses, shrubs, and trees. To some this can be a dreary display, but it can also be a reminder that as we enter this season of the year, we have the opportunity to resolve, by God’s Grace, to allow even the “dying of the earth” around about to awaken us to fresh opportunities that will prepare us to face the future with calm assurance that our Heavenly Father is still in control.


We love you,


Pastor Dan and Rebecca