Words of Life or Death

Last week we emphasized the importance of words.

The key take-away was this: You will come to believe what you say.


Our beliefs influence what we choose and what we do.


Our beliefs determine our destiny.


Here are some basic destiny - Life-or-Death facts.

Bible study will help you turn these into beliefs.


God is real.

God is Love, which He showed us through His Son, Jesus.

God wants only what is good for me.

In exchange for my love, He will give me eternal life.


Satan is real.

Satan wants to trick me into thinking he has what is good for me.

Satan is hate, which he disguises to look like many desireable things.

In exchange for my love, he will bring eternal death to me.


God can use only the Truth to accomplish His work.

Satan can (and does) use truth only as it promotes error.


In God is Life. He is the only Source of life.

God’s work is to redeem all who choose Him. Redemption results in escape from death.


In satan is separation from God, which results in death.

Satan’s work is to destroy all who choose him. This results in eternal death.


God has warned us about satan so that we may choose to escape death.

Satan’s hatred of God and the human race fuels his work to cause as much pain for God as he can.


For every human who has chosen satan as god, there is a pain in God’s heart that will never go away. An emptiness that cannot be filled.


The followers of God become like Him – Who and What He truly is as He revealed Himself in Jesus.

The followers of satan become like him – as he has revealed himself to be throughout earth’s history.


The Bible reveals to us that God is in control. Don’t be fooled by His patience.


We may not be able to explain why someone gets cancer or is killed in a horrible accident. Satan is permitted to demonstrate his kingdom’s practices and standards. But one day soon his time will end.


God Is The Victor. Right now.

Satan knows that he has a short time left. And like a bully, he accuses God of the bad things that he (satan) does. And like a bully he hurts as many as he can.




Choose God.

Choose to learn as much as you can about Who He is, what He is like, how to become like Him.

Study the Bible. Every day.

Pray for His help in this challenge.

Join a Bible-based fellowship – church group – that will encourage and support you.

Welcome your God-given mission as it unfolds to you in your study and fellowship.


Fill your life with the Word.