Without Him There Is No Joy

It may be that you’ve never before thought of Joy as a Core Value.

Perhaps now, as you think about it, you may wonder "Why is it so far down my list?"


Let me explain my choice.


Worship, my first Core Value, encompassed my relationship with God and with my family.

Certainly, I find Joy in both of these parts of my life.

My Worship of God covers my life experiences and choices. The Worship choice that I made decades ago still bathes me in the Joy of the Lord.

My love for my wife springs from the same source. Her demonstrations of love keep me aware of our decision to put God first in our home.

Each of my succeeding Core Values comes under the umbrella of Worship.

Actually, it is more like walking in the rain without an umbrella or hat. The shower runs down from my head, encompassing my whole self. The Joy of the Lord at the top of my Values and washes through each of them.


But, as a reminder and reinforcement of the Value that I place in Joy, it is listed and emphasized separately near the end of the list.

- A reminder! Don’t Neglect The Joy!


Joy is a choice that is independent of the circumstances of life.

The Apostle Paul observed that he counted all of his experiences of life as Joy.

Shipwreck, beatings, stoning, misunderstandings, church members fighting with him, continual travel, being blamed for troubles…


In spite of physical disabilities…



Where does Joy come from?

Not from outside influences like riches, cars, boats, mansions. Those are things.

Things don’t have the resources of Joy to spring up and flow over you.


Joy is a Choice.


Independent of anything and everything that is advertised in this world.


Even happiness is fleeting.

My physical condition can take the smile off my face and silence my laughter.


Joy means “the Lord is Come!”

You know the words: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” Before His coming as a baby, there were promises to strengthen our faith. But now, with the miracle of His presence “down deep in my heart” I have The Joy – in the Person of the Holy Spirit - living in me!

He promised and He delivered!



Both “Joy” and its relative “Rejoice” describe a choice.

I look at a flower and Rejoice that God is able to produce such beauty from a brown, nondescript seed.

I am filled with Joy as I consider what He can do with me.


Just as surely as there is a place prepared for me in Heaven, so there is a place here on this earth where I am to work for God.

The result of that work is Joy. Hand-in-hand with Jesus, working as He prepares the way.


If you do not find Joy within you, now, there are steps you can take to change your life to be filled with the Joy of the Lord.


Plant the seeds of Joy in your heart by

1. Asking Jesus to come into your heart. “Jesus, I want the Joy that You offer.”

2. Asking God to give you Joy: It is one of the Gifts that He promised to His followers. Love, Joy, Peace…

3. Befriending a Joyful person, Hang out with him or her. Learn by association. That means finding a Home Church fellowship that will teach you and show you the Way of Joy.

4. Rejoicing. Maybe when you’re alone at first. Speak your Joy – Rejoice. Tell God Thank you for a flower, a bird, a friend, a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Life. Memorize some Bible verses that praise God.


Speak Praise to God = Rejoice.


Joy to the world, the Lord is come!


Be joyful for the Baby that was born to set us free.


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We worship on Saturday mornings.

We would love to welcome you.