Why Do We Need Laws?

Imagine a world without laws.


The descriptive words that spring to my mind are: chaos, uncertainty, disaster, fear.


A few days ago I opened a package of Lemon Spice Jalapeño seeds. With no particular inspection of the dozens of seeds in the envelope, I took three of them out.

I placed them into three little starter containers filled with soil. I pushed each into the dirt about one-half inch deep.

The peat pots were then placed in a tray and water was added to get the soil moist.


In about a week I saw green growth pushing the soil up.


In my experience as a gardener, I have never had a sprout from a seed grow down. The roots grow down, the stem and cotyledons grow up.

Law makes it so.


Most living things on planet Earth begin as seeds.

At Creation God spoke life forms into existence without using seeds. Since then plants (and most animals) have grown from seeds.

An acorn grows an oak tree.

Laws of Nature ensure that to be true.

No oak tree will spring from my pepper seeds.

That is Law.


Where did these laws come from?



The sun will “come up” tomorrow morning.

The day will be 24 hours long because the Earth and the Sun are held in their places by God’s Laws.


The Natural Laws work to be sure that the seeds of a plant or animal produce a replication of the parent.

Plants seldom rebel.

With no Power of Choice, my pepper seeds produce pepper plants which bear peppers.


Satan is against law.

>He does not like that the Natural World points to an Intelligent Design.

>He has worked diligently to erase the evidences of a Loving Creator in the natural world and in humanity.

>The chaos that he spreads he proudly points to as evidence that God is not Love and that obedience to God’s Law results in an unnatural and burdensome life.

>He blames God for illness, disasters, discord, and strife. He has managed to convince many that humans are not a special creation by a Loving God, but, rather, are accidents of evolution.


With the acceptance of the Theory of Evolution, humans are liberated to destroy the natural world and its resources.

Yet, despite Satan’s efforts, Nature still reveals its Maker, if we look carefully.


Heaven is harmonious because everyone there follows the Law of God’s Love.

But people… That’s a different story.



God wrote out His Ten Commandments, principles of conduct and choice, that when followed, enable Earth People to do two things:

1.) Become more like God – to restore in mankind the image of His Maker;

2.) Live harmoniously with our neighbors, and society in general.


God reveals Himself to us through His Law.

Loving obedience to God’s Law of Love places us in a relationship that gives God permission to use us as a demonstration of what it means to be a Child of God.



These were not new rules.

God did not make them up in order to deal with the problems of Earth.


These Laws, or Rules, are at the core of behavior throughout the Universe.

They are grouped into two categories:

1.) Relationships with God, and

2.) Relationships in our homes, neighborhoods, and World.


Ten principles that cover the human existence on this Earth and determine eligibility for existence in Heaven and in the New Earth.


Section 1 details that we are to Love God supremely.

(Commandments 1 – 4)

Section 2 details that we are to love our neighbors in the same way that we want to be loved.

(Commandments 5 – 10)


Next week we will look carefully at the First Commandment as recorded in Exodus 20.

You might read them again this week to get ready.


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