Whose Sabbath Is It?

The whole Great Controversy is about the battle between God and Satan. It appears to have begun when Lucifer was not included in the planning for the creation of this world. Lucifer was jealous of the Trinity and boasted that he could have done better if they had only let him.


Included in the work of Creating this world was the celebration of the completed work - named by God - “My Sabbath,” because in it He rested from His work of creating. He looked at all that He had made and behold! It was very good! Cause for celebration!


Throughout the Bible God speaks of 'My Sabbaths." There are no scriptures that tell us to stop celebrating Sabbath.


But Satan, through his agents, keeps repeating that we should discard the Sabbath and worship on Sunday. Or not worship on any particular day, as long as it isn't Sabbath.


Sabbath is a reminder every week that we belong to God.

And that He is intent on redeeming us from satan's power.


Anyone who claims that the Sabbath is no longer a requirement - or that it will someday stop being a part of God's Plan - is NOT speaking Bible Truth.

And is NOT speaking for God.


One of the symptoms of the Mark of the Beast will be acceptance of Sunday as the Day of Worship.


That time is not yet here. But it will come.


The test of Loyalty will be Sabbath.

Because Sabbath is all about Worship. Who I choose to worship.

Worship the One who IS the Creator!