When The Team Gets It Done


The word seems to explain itself.

A Team Working Together for a central purpose with success, or failure, shared by the group.

Teamwork is my 5th Core Value.

It was a hot day in Florida, but the lawn needed to be mowed. I pushed the mower back and forth across the grass as the sun beat down on me. As my breathing became more labored my grandson stepped up beside me, placed his hands on the handles, and smoothly stepped in front of me.


The grass didn’t stand a chance. It was going to be mowed.

Yet, if I had been left to work by myself, the tall grass blades would have conquered me.


Teamwork. The idea seems simple enough to work well for almost any situation.


Even in a hospital surgery suite, the Surgeon may be the one with the scalpel, but if it weren’t for the other personnel present and doing their portion of the patient care – the outcome would be less – maybe even death.


My wife has developed a disability so that kitchen work is not easy for her. But, as a team we still eat three times each day.

Our understanding of marriage is that We are a team.


In our church it takes a team to work the audio-visual equipment so that the experience for the worshipers is heard, seen, and understood. One person at the deck in the back could not successfully do the multitude of tasks that contribute to a successful experience for the leaders on the platform as well as the congregation present.


Sometimes a team member’s contribution to the success of a task is as a cheerleader – a spirit booster – a voice of admiration for the results being produced.


A friend, my wife, and I undertook an Evangelistic series in a small town nearby. He preached, we provided music and managed the audio-visual equipment.

The first evening at the time designated for the service to begin, the three of us were the only ones in the auditorium. We huddled to decide what to do.

A few minutes later, we began the program as if the seats were filled.

Even though we did our parts well, at the end we were thoroughly discouraged.


Sometimes, perhaps many times, work that is completed, minus an audience or customers, seems to be a failure.

Whether it is teaching in a classroom, preaching in a sanctuary, building a house, caring for patients, yard work, housework, … it seems to make a big difference when there is someone for whom the work is done.

That seems to make the recipient of the work a part of the team. Appreciation is a significant reward.


Regardless of the expertise of individual members of a team, there will be times when the product of the work will not be rewarded with appreciation.

At times like that it is important to have a team – a support team – to whom you can turn for encouragement, support, and a kick in the pants to get back to work.

Whatever your work or endeavor, find a way to include others in the process. It makes the work more enjoyable. Which makes it more likely that you will continue working until you are rewarded with success.

For the detail-guys

Recognized components of Teamwork are:

  • Commitment and Trust. ...
  • Open Lines of Communication. ...
  • Diversity of Capabilities. ...
  • Adaptable to Changing Conditions. ...
  • Confidence and Creative Freedom.

A search will likely result in slightly different lists from different 'authorities' on the subject.