What’s The Problem With Faith?

Let’s list the things that often do in our attempts to please God.

  • Go to church

  • Read the Bible (maybe even memorize scripture)

  • Pray

  • Witness

  • Give Bible studies

  • Dress up

  • Stop swearing

  • Get baptized

  • Sing

  • Give offerings

  • Love and care for our family (maybe even love our neighbor)

  • Obey the Commandments


A nice even 12.

You probably could add to the list.


Won’t doing some, or all, of those things make God like me?

If I am without Faith, God is not pleased with me. (Hebrews 11:6)


Even if I believe? That’s not enough?

No, it isn’t. The Bible tells us that the devils believe. (James 2: 19) but their belief is of no redemptive value.


Where does faith come from?

Romans 12:3 tells us that everyone is given a measure of faith.

A “measure,” an amount for one day. Enough to get you started.


What does faith do that is so important?

Faith is the antidote to the poison of doubt.

Doubt limits God’s ability to work in us.

Doubt immobilizes the person. Being unsure, we tend to do nothing.


Faith makes it possible for a person to take Action.

Action generates Hope, anticipating the result of the work.

Hope sustained results in Joy.


So, what must I do with my measure of Faith?

Use it to get more.


Faith comes by hearing – the word of God.

Action: Read, study your Bible.

Action: Become friends with others who are increasing their faith.

Action: Participate in a Church fellowship.


...Of Life

Jesus said the He is The Bread of Life. (John 6:35)

Jesus also said that He is The Water of Life. (John 7; 1 Corinthians 10)

Two ingredients connected to Life. Bread. Water.

Jesus said, I am come that they (who have faith in Me) may have Life.


The primary ingredient of bread is flour.

But, flour by itself is not going to turn into bread.

Think of Faith as yeast.

Yeast is mixed in with flour and water.


Action is required to get the flour, water, and yeast spread through the mixture so that all of it rises.

The yeast must be added at the right time, the dough must be worked in the right way or else the result will be less than satisfactory.


In both cases Jesus used the definitive article, The: The Bread. The Water.

Not one of many. Not ‘a’ Bread to be selected by the hungry. The only Bread and Water that result in Life Everlasting is Jesus.


More Faith

To increase my faith I must participate in

  • Regular Eating of the Bread of Life through Personal Bible Study;

  • Regular Fellowship in a House of Worship where the Word of God is preached and practiced;

  • Regular Exercise of Faith through Sharing.

The result of Faith, Action, Hope, Worship is a changed life.


I Cannot

I can never make myself righteous, no matter how many good things I do in obedience.

Yet, In the eyes of God I can be counted as Righteous.



Righteousness is a Gift from God in response to my Faith in Him.



Music to my Ears

I’ve been redeemed so that He can live out His life in me until I walk into Jerusalem because my home is in heaven.

Won’t you come and go with me?