What Is At Your Core?

A few years ago the Adventist church schools engaged in a process for determining and making use of Institutional Core Values.

The first step toward that goal required each employee to create a list of Personal Core Values.

Over the next few weeks we will look at some reasons why it is important for each person to study this topic in order to identify the values you are using in your life and living.


Hang on! There will be some bumps.


God’s #1 Personal Core Value right now is Redemption.

Every act commissioned from Heaven’s Throne Room holds Redemption at its center, at its Core.


What about us?

The ones whose existence depends on the Miracle of Redemption?

What about us?


Our response to the Redemption Imperative leads to either Eternal Life or to forever dead.

Makes it rather important, doesn’t it?


Humans make decisions and actions based on the Values on which his or her life is built.

Remember, Jesus illustrated this with the Building a House metaphor.

The wise man built his house upon a rock.

The foolish man built his house upon the sand.

The Rock is Jesus!

The sand is not!


We build our lives one decision at a time.

We decide according to a set of values that we hold valuable.


It is time that we get serious about the values – Personal Core Values – around which we structure our lives.


In preparation for next week, Search “Core Values” and “Personal Core Values.”

You will discover lists of dozens, even hundreds, of words that illustrate a value.

There are online activities that you can use to define your top five to seven.


Over the next few weeks this blog will inspect and discuss some Core Values that I believe are Heavenly Minded.



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