What Do I Deserve?

The first use of the idea, that I remember, was a McDonald’s campaign

“You deserve a break today! At McDonald’s!”


Now the idea is rampant.


>>The common thinking of today seems to be as follows:

Once I believe that I Deserve - anything, I have the right to go after it with no consequences to follow, except the benefits that I envision are attached to the trophy.


My Rights and I Deserve are so intricately tied together that ‘Now’ is the only arbiter of the meaning.


No need to look at the Bill of Rights which succinctly details the Rights of Citizens of the United States of America.


I know MY rights!


If I believe it will make me happy, and consequently want to possess it, - that belief gives me permission to use whatever methods seem to offer success in my quest.


if someone else has what I want, then I deserve it, too. There’s that word again: Deserve.


Interference with other peoples’ rights is of little consequence in my quest for “My Rights.”


Laws and Rules cannot be allowed to impede my pursuit. I make the rules and standards that apply to me – just like in the video-virtual-reality games of conquest and dominance that have shaped my reality and my perceived rights.


But, it’s not just the younger generations that fall into this quest.

Old People, too, can and do suffer from this malady.


People with lots of money – more money than they can ever use productively – are convinced that their wealth carries with it the right to control the lives of the minions who have not achieved equal status.


So, to protect their wealth and status, they are prone to seek to implement rules for those minions, which will negate any and all efforts to disrupt their (the wealthy) lives of power and control.


Gone, too, is the need to accept the rules put in place in the Bible, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.


>> Back to “reality”

We in America are near the situation that brought about the fall of the Roman Empire – and the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, and Greek Empires.


Corruption and debauchery in the governing class found them unfit to rule.

Maybe we aren’t ‘near’ – it seems that we are smack-dab in the middle of the same illnesses.


Every day I receive email solicitations for me to contribute money to some politician or wanna-be politician. If I will just send a monthly gift they will sweep Washington (or the state capitol) clean of the corruption that is obstructing the ‘leaders’ there present from solving the problems permeating the country.


Millions of dollars spent on ads advocating return to law, order, and prosperity – if only I will fund more ads and vote for this savior of …


Fortunately, I know how it all turns out.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do to stem the tide as it flows relentlessly toward the promise of unification under the auspices of a religio-political power.


Oh, wait! There is something I can do!


“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and Righteousness.”


I can and do choose to plant my flag on that hill!


No matter how dismal the world may look to the untrained eye, God is in control!

God is already the Victor!

He is holding back the Winds of Strife to give the opportunity to one more person to make the choice for Him.

Eternal life with no problems, no bills, no politicians, no sickness, no sin.

One pulse of harmony again uniting the universe.


Will you choose to enter into a relationship with God, accepting His solution to the troubles of this world?

It doesn’t matter what you have done. God is able to save to the uttermost every person who comes to Him with the desire to be one of His followers.

The desire to let Him lead you through the troubles of this world.

The desire to learn how to live for Him now, and then to live with Him forever.

You deserve to be on the Winning Team!

Choose now. This is how – Say the next paragraph and mean it. Let God know; and give Satan notice:

--- God Is The Victor!

Cast your Vote Now:

“God, I choose You to be my Leader. Come in to my heart and make me like You. Amen!”