What Did You Say?

It is a Law of the Mind: You will come to believe what you say.


Plant a thought. It could be planted by you or by an outside source, such as media or influential other.

Garden that thought. Shelter it, consider it, become comfortable with it, fertilize it with care.

Harvest the fruit it produces.


Spoken out loud, it will take a shorter time to convince you.

But even speaking in our thoughts, entertaining thoughts so that they stay in the mind and get repeated, produces a harvest.

Acceptance and Belief incorporate it into your very soul.


These facts are both good and bad.

They can be used to advantage or to detriment.


Briefly, let’s look at the disadvantages that can be found.


A child who is told he is not good, of no value, will accept the truthfulness of the person speaking. A parent or sibling has a stronger influence than a stranger. But even words from a stranger have an effect.


Words of censure or disapproval, even to an adult, diminish the personal value of the target-person.

The words spoken also influence the speaker, reducing his/her perceived value of the target.


Speaking utilizes three sources of influence: Thinking, Speaking, Hearing.

I will come to believe what I think. It will take some length of time to be establish Belief.

The action of Speaking reinforces the effect on me, shortening the length of time to Belief.

Hearing the words that I speak exerts at least a two-fold reinforcement on me, accelerating the acceptance of the Belief even more.


Examples of these truths are rampant in history.

The Bible narrative also includes examples.


But the Cautionary Tale is not the focus for today.


Miracles spring from these truths, when used well.


The record of Mary, the mother of Jesus is one of my favorites.


Here she is, barely a teenager, when an angel appears to her and reveals that she has been chosen, deemed worthy by God Himself, to be impregnated with the Heavenly tissue that will become the Savior of the Universe.


She accepts the valuation of her abilities, maintains the connection with the Divine, and raises the Son of God. Imagine the conversations between Mary and Jesus. She and Joseph instill in Jesus the beliefs, the structure, the knowledge that enable Him to complete the Mission of Salvation.


How? She believed the Messengers and accepted the value they placed in her, and acted accordingly.


Your Mission will not be to raise the Son of God.

Yet, your Mission is of great value. And you are capable of achieving your Divinely Designated Mission.


Connect with positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities.

Many books are available to help you achieve the Best You possible.

The Bible is the first one I recommend.


Pray for enlightenment, and read. Read about the people who cooperated with God and achieved great things for Him.


Connect with a church fellowship that teaches the Bible – all of it.

When you discover or uncover a truth in God’s Word, accept it and act on it.


Become a support to others around you.

Speak positively,

Be encouraging.

Reject all negativity.


Learn some spiritual songs, hymns or tunes that you can memorize and use throughout the day.

Memorize passages from the Bible and recite them out loud or silently throughout the day.


Build up other people. That alone will have an amazing influence on your attitude – about them and about yourself.


Plant in the Garden of Your Mind seeds that will produce a Harvest for Heaven.


Write to me with your stories, questions, experiences, and thoughts.