Stop Being Selfish

That command in the title may be impossible to do.

Selfish is built into our human DNA. Blame it on Adam and Eve.


Babies survive because of self-centeredness.

Hunger, cold, heat, wet, messy, no one is holding me, sleepy, awake and alone…

- each prompts the infant to protest, “It’s all about me!”


Learning to share is not easy.

Considering another person’s comfort, feelings, needs – requires subordinating my feelings and needs.

And that rubs against human nature.


Selfishness has many behaviors and names.


Neglecting to honor God by obedience to His will – is a selfish response to His claims on us.


But there is something else that falls into the selfishness trap, that didn’t immediately come to my mind.

I know God’s Love. I have received an abundance of Love from Him. Because of my parents, I began learning about God’s Love while I was yet an infant.

Church schools, Sabbath Schools, home worships, books, stories, personal experiences, testimonies – all combined to develop my knowledge of God.

The testimony evidenced in nature, gardens, flowers, insects, birds – all proclaim the truth: God Loves.


In addition, I have been trained to recognize the Ten Commandments as Statements of God’s Love.


Because I have received the blessings of Learning about God, I have a responsibility to Share God.


When I gather and gather and collect and collect, and never give, it’s called hoarding. Hoarding is an act of selfishness.


As I reflect on this topic, I realize that I am quick to share my knowledge and enthusiasm and love for photography or the beach or gardening.

Yet, I am slow to share my knowledge and enthusiasm and love for all things God.

That’s selfishness!


We need to be people who cannot keep silent about our God: knowledge, experiences, and love.

I think it would be wonderful if, after meeting me – spending some time with me – the new friend would report to others - “All he wanted to talk about was Jesus!”


Now, I don’t mean we recite the Ten Commandments to others.

I don’t mean we explore the Mark of the Beast.


We talk of His Love.


If I can’t think of anything to say about God’s Love – there’s a problem with my connection with Him!

Fix that problem first! Become aware of the abundant evidences of God’s Love – for Me!


I have been married for more than 40 years. Over the years I have discovered that the more I talk about my wife’s love, the more I notice it. I begin to see little things she does as Love Acts.


The same is true for God’s Love. The more I talk about it and study it, the more I see it.

Abundant evidences are offered in a flower garden, and in a vegetable garden, - even in the weeds at the fence-line or along the side of the road.


It is selfish of me to know God’s Love and keep it all to myself.


I need to stop being selfish with God’s Love.

The Good News is that God can accomplish that in me.

Overcoming the hereditary impulse of selfishness, He plants Love in my heart, and helps me share.

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