Share Your Experience

The really dramatic experience begins with a peaceful boat ride across the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus and His disciples seem to be intent on getting away from the crowds. A gentle breeze scoots them across the slightly choppy water. The fishermen have sailed on this Sea many times. Today they devote their attention to Jesus. The boat almost sails itself to their destination.


As the boat slides onto the shore their quiet lessons with the Master come to an abrupt end.

A naked man comes screaming across the narrow beach.

“Leave me alone! Why have you come to torture me?!” Incoherent screams punctuate his agony.


Despite the legion of demons who had taken residence in the man’s body, he recognized the freedom that Jesus represented, and longed to be set free. Though the demons prevented his tongue from forming the words, his legs carried him to be as close as possible to Freedom.


The disciples scattered like crabs rushing away from the shadow of a seagull.

Jesus stood, surrounded by the calm that the demons dreaded and the man longed for.


Once freed from his hell, the man, now clothed and peaceful, asked to get into the boat so that he could continue his discovery of his Savior, Jesus.

Yet, after only the few minutes that he spent learning The Way, Jesus denied his request, saying, “Go home. Tell everyone what wonderful things God has done for you.”


Perhaps 30 minutes with Jesus, after years of devil-possession, and Jesus sends him out on an Evangelistic Crusade.


Luke chapter 8 provides several Lessons on Sharing One’s Faith.


It makes me wonder if we make witnessing too complicated.

But wait!

He had an exciting story to tell!

My story?

Baptized at 10 and active in the church for the past 60+ years. Sabbath school teacher, Pathfinder, deacon, elder, occasional preacher, church school teacher.


Not very exciting! Who would be inspired by such commonality?

I’m not a Daniel or a Paul.


Again… maybe we make this too difficult. Maybe excitement isn’t what people are looking for.

The man in the story was looking for peace.

It occurs to me that a lot of people are missing peace in their lives.


I have peace, because of my relationship with the Prince of Peace. Is that my story? Is that what I’m prepared to share with others? After 60 years, I should be prepared.


I grew up feeling, believing that I was of little value. Low self-esteem.

Like I had little to offer.

But my mother offered her high opinion of me and taught me to cook, to care for the children she took care of, to write my thoughts and ideas, to believe that I was smart and capable.

I became a teacher, and more. I accepted positions in the church that allowed me to share what I knew of Jesus and the Bible.


We aren’t instructed to go looking for demon possessed audiences.

Go home and tell…


That’s where it begins: Home.


Let your relationship with Jesus show at home.


Perhaps you could write out a short script for witnessing. Practice at home on each other.

Until it becomes natural.

Then take it to friends and neighbors.



And relief from worry, fear, dread of the future…


Faithfully do the small things.

Tell what Jesus has done for you.


Comments are encouraged.

You have a witness to share.

If you would like to publish it on this blog, send it to me.