Replacing God


That’s such a savage-world idea.

I am too sophisticated and modern to have any idols.

However, the Law wasn’t written for just the people who lived in an undeveloped culture.

“You are not to have any idols or objects, man-made or otherwise, that you pay more attention to than you do to Me.”

In effect, anything that occupies more of my time and attention than does God, has become an object of worship.

Christians should stop having idols.

Mentally review all that you know about your favorite athlete, team, actor or actress, fictional character from TV, movies, books.

If you write your knowledge in a composition notebook it’ll likely be more impressive.

Stop reading now, and do it. I’ll wait.


Now, do the same for the current Sabbath School lesson.


What is your choice when an event is on TV, an event that includes your favorite team or whoever. You make time to view it – or maybe record it, right?

A movie, or TV genre, Star Wars, Matrix, Harry Potter, Family Guy…


Many objects can become idols: A car. A career. A sport. A way that I spend my time and money. Clothes, fashion, tech gear…


Time and money – the way I use them, spend them, can reveal my devotional attachment to them.


Document in writing the times that you skipped Sabbath School. Get a calendar and check. What did you do in place of church?

The Bible enjoins us to “not forsake the assembling together with other believers.”

Let’s not nit-pik with the word “forsake.”

“I go to church. Just not Sabbath School, just not every week.”

If you had a date to be with your special friend every Tuesday at 10 a.m. - and you showed up once a month… would your friend consider he or she had been “forsaken”?


Idols keep us away from God.

Excuses are rather predictable. Tired, busy, spend time with family, Sabbath School classes aren’t interesting or stimulating (boring), I need my sleep. Nature is my church.


Idols are a substitute for God.

Idols occupy time and attention that should be devoted to God.


Personal Devotional Time with God must be scheduled and regular or it is likely to be skipped, forgotten in the rush of life.


Church time (including Sabbath School) is intended to provide us with inspiration to meet the coming week, instruction to advance our relationship with God, and a network of friends and support to encourage us to be true to truth.

To make church more interesting, volunteer to be a teacher, prepare a sermon and let the pastor know you’re ready, demonstrate how the children’s story should be done, offer the Family Prayer.

Just like it’s easy to explain how the coach or team member should have run the play – from the comfort of your recliner…

so, also, it is easy to say, while being an occasional visitor - Church should be different so it would meet my expectations and needs.

The only way to change it to meet my spiritual need is to become part of the Team.

Coaches don’t listen much to the fans in the stadium chairs. But a player gets heard – and may be the one to score the winning points.

So, what do Sabbath School and Church have to do with idols?


God has promised that where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be present.


God is present on Sabbath morning. Don’t let anything keep you away. Look and listen for His Presence.

Idols keep us away from God.