New Year; New Resolutions

January 1.

We have been enculturated to see this date as the epitome of New Beginnings.

Make a list of new goals.

Start new projects.

Put away the memories of past short-comings.


On this day, everything is possible.


Friends will exert social pressure on you to make a New Year’s Resolutions List.

More than one person will ask, What Resolutions did you make? What’s on Your List?


Sometimes it is difficult to get the List going. Memories of past Lists that didn’t survive to the Accomplished state often make us reluctant to jump in - this year.



What if I give you a couple of Resolutions to adopt?


1. Spend more time working on my relationship with God.

2. Spend less time watching TV.


These Resolutions are available for adoption.

I give you permission to use them. Even take credit for creating them, if you’d like.


Let’s look at each one briefly to see what is involved in Adoption.


Resolution 1.

Spend more time with God.


“More.” That’s the measure-word. Your “More” will be different from mine.

But, let me suggest some measurements.

In Genesis God asks us to reserve one day for Him – the Sabbath.

Twenty-four hours out of one-hundred-sixty-eight.


The object of reserving these hours for God is that we do things that help us know Him better.

Sabbath School and Church come to mind.

Get involved in a ministry of outreach (maybe with your church?) that engages you in reaching others that need help. There are many opportunities.

Spend time every day reading His Letter to You – the Bible.

A Daily Reading Plan is provided on our website:


Other Outreach Suggestions

Visiting in hospitals, nursing homes, shut-ins, older members of the church.

Select Bible verses that you will share with them – perhaps from the sermon.

Become a ‘taxi service’ for older church members who are reluctant to drive any more.

Send letters or cards to church members who missed church services.

Nature is a good option

Explore the natural resources of your area – parks and trails.


Resolution 2.

Spend less time watching TV.


In order to make this Resolution work we have to evaluate first. How much time is currently being spent with the TV on? What shows am I currently watching?


Go through the list and eliminate one or more shows.


Now, eliminating a TV show alone will fail.

Fill the time you once spent with the TV on – doing something else.

Eliminate by designating a specific activity to replace the TV event.



There are hundreds of valuable books waiting for you.



You have valuable insights that will benefit others.

You have valuable experiences that will encourage others.

You have important knowledge that you can pass on to your family.

You may be called upon to deliver the Sabbath Message for your church group.

Create a Personal Devotional book of your thoughts about specific Bible verses.


Call To Action



Adopt these Resolutions or create your own versions.


Doing Nothing accomplishes nothing.


This year stretches out before you like an unplayed movie of your life.


The Universe is watching. But, more importantly…

Your friends and family are watching.


Do. Make this year an excellent one.

You can!