It's All About Power


God has it.

Satan wants it.


Known Facts


Lucifer was created perfect. In fact, he was more talented than other angels, he was more beautiful, he had superior administrative and supervisory talents.

The Bible tells us that God looked at everything He had made, and, behold, it was very good.


And he was placed in a position of authority and responsibility at the Throne of God.

He was given the position that placed him in direct contact with God. This was by design: Lucifer was to personally know God, His character, His actions, His law, His heart.


It could never be claimed that he rebelled because he didn’t know better.

It could never be claimed that he felt neglected.

Never that his talents weren’t appreciated.

Never that he was abused or downtrodden in Heaven’s society.


The Bible tells us that Lucifer’s transformation to evil is The Mystery Of Iniquity.

God defines it as a Mystery.

Humans can never come to a better understanding of the Origins of Sin than that.

In terms of logic, if it could be explained, if a reason for it could be uncovered, it would cease to be sin.

But even God could not find such.


Lucifer campaigned in Heaven on his platform, and convinced one-third of the angels to vote for him.

His talents are many. His charisma is powerful. Still.

But it was and is rebellion against God.


Lucifer’s Claims


He would replace God.

His throne would be higher than God’s throne.

His government, his laws, would enable his followers to experience pleasures that God forbids.




And, There was War in Heaven.

Lucifer and his angels fought with God’s forces.

And God prevailed – God won!


Ever since, Satan has worked to subvert and counterfeit everything that is God’s.



Garden of Eden: You will not surely die. You will move to a higher level of existence. (The beginnings of the idea of a spirit existence after death.)


Flood: God would never act to destroy. (He didn’t destroy me, and look what I did.)


Origins of Life: Evolution


Worship is also due the Son: A sounds-like counterfeit – the Sun is a god.

Catastrophes in the natural world are the results of sin’s deterioration: God sends them as undeserved punishments even on good people.


Sabbath (God ceased from His work of creating and rested on the 7th day, and blessed the 7th day and made it holy): Counterfeit: the first day of the week as the Worship Day. At the beginning of the week instead of at the end of the week.


Worship: a human intermediary is required. You cannot approach God personally.

Worship: rituals and formalities are required: images of saints are to be the focus.


Forgiveness: a human controls the keys to forgiveness and acceptance by God.


Family: The family unit as presented by God to Adam & Eve is replaced by casual divorces, casual sex, same gender unions, rejection of the responsibility of caring for children


Prophecy time periods: The forty-two weeks, (the time, times and half a time) (3 ½ years) that points to the sea beast in Revelation parallels the 3 ½ years of Jesus’ earthly ministry


Michael in the Hebrew means “Who Is Like God?”

The declaration about the sea beast from the people is “Who Is Like The Beast?”


Satan’s lies

I will be more powerful than God; so, your future is better if you worship me.

I am more fair than God. Rules don’t matter. Make up your own.

You won’t really die! You’ll just move to a different, higher plane of existence. (Immortal soul)


Satan’s Name-calling (He invented the derogatory insinuation)

God is unfair -  It is impossible to obey His requirements.

God is the real Deceiver. He won’t or can’t deliver on His promises.

God is cruel; look at the descriptions of hell.




The intention of this article is to provide enough information about Lucifer-become-satan to show that he is the deceiver and should not be your master. He cannot be trusted, except to know that he will deceive.


In terms of Satan. Once he has been unmasked and his character and intentions revealed, it is best not to study him any more.

It is sufficient to know three things:




1. God is in control

2. God keeps His promises

3. satan is the enemy of God


It is a law of the mind that we become like what we think about, read, study, listen to.


As a person thinks in his heart, so is s/he.

By beholding we are changed (into the fashion of what we behold).


Let’s spend our time beholding Jesus as He is revealed in His Word – the Bible.

The promise is stated and is true:


There is prepared for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord Himself will give to me at His appearing.


And not to me only, but to all who love His appearing (second coming).