I’m Not Getting What I Deserve

Lucifer, in heaven, began the complaint, “I’m not getting what I deserve!”

The Bible gives us a little insight into the beginning of sin in the universe. It is labeled “The Mystery of Iniquity.”

Lucifer focused the attention of his listeners on himself.

“See what I can do?” and the list was impressive.

“I could do more, but God won’t let me, because He knows I am His equal, and He would look bad, if only I could use all my abilities.”

It reminds me of the lyrics, “Anything You can do I can do better!”

Over and over he made the claims.

“You may not know it, but each of you has abilities that God won’t let you use. If you join with me we’ll force Him to let us use all of our talents.

This he repeated until many of the angels switched parties. They swore allegiance to the Enemy of God.

The foundation of Lucifer’s claim is: “God is not fair.”


When you are the first to throw out a false claim against someone else, it is difficult to make the truth sound genuine. “You’re unfair!”

Every verbal response then sounds weak.

“No, I’m not!”

“Prove it!”


So, God did!

God, The Creator, had rules. Rules which He Himself lived by. Rules that specified, “Obey and Live; Disobey and Die.”

Lucifer and his followers should have been incinerated by the presence of God as a result of the disobedience inside themselves. Sin cannot exist in God’s presence.

But God made provision for the rebels to live, in order that they might fully reveal the end game of disobedience.

That they might reveal the final result of rebellion against the Source of Life.

Thus God issued His Own retort to Lucifer, “No, you Prove it!”


In brief, here is a statement of God’s unfairness: Obey and live; Disobey and die.


Everything that exists resulted from the Creative Work of God. Everything that lives and breathes came from His Creatorship. All life that continues moment by moment is the result of His Gift of Life - given moment by moment.

Because of the choices of Adam and Eve, I am a sinner.

A born sinner, with no hope, but to die.

According to the Law.


Yet, in the greatest act of unfairness of all eternity, Jesus took my penalty and gave me – gives me day-by-day - credit for His perfect obedience.


Obey and Live


I no longer have a death sentence on my head.

I have a life sentence - with a crown fitted just right for my head.



Completely, totally, unfair!


He knows me personally. Yet, He loves me.

And He loves you, too.


Satan wants you to believe that God is unfair in asking you to choose Him for your Master.

But, everyone Must Choose. There are only two options.

They are just as clear as can be:

  • Choose God, the Source of all life and happiness – and live forever.

  • Choose Satan, the father of all lies, live a life of ‘anything goes’ - and die.

You have to choose.

There is no neutral ground in this battle.

Not making a specific choice For God, defaults to a choice for satan.

Those are the rules that we live by – or that we die by.


Joshua’s urgent appeal is still echoing today: “Choose you this day who you will serve! As for me ... I will serve the Lord!”


Take advantage of God’s Generosity. Choose Life!


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