If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’

The three men were hurrying to get home before sundown. It was Friday afternoon. Each one was on the schedule for the service tomorrow – scripture, praise psalm, spiritual application (sermon).

Each had traveled this road many times and each knew exactly how many minutes were needed to get home before the Sabbath began - an hour before, as prescribed by the Law.

Uppermost in each mind was the need to be pure as he stood before the church.

The sudden appearance of the bloodied, half-conscious man was an unwelcomed intrusion into their carefully-planned schedule.

One church leader moved over to check if it was a man from his congregation, the others didn’t bother.

Touching – just getting too close – would render the priest unclean. If anyone saw – he could be disqualified for church duty.


It seems to me that this story is pertinent on this topic – Lying.

The Commandment specifies “false witness against your neighbor.” Jesus told the story in answer to the question “Who is my neighbor?”

Perhaps more to the point is the question, “What is false witness?”

I have declared Jesus to be my Leader, my Example. When I misrepresent Him to the people around me, that is ‘false witness.’ And as an influence on those who witness my actions or words, it is against them as an influence to make Jesus their Master.

I think we often see ourselves as the Samaritan. That’s quite comfortable.

But we more often act like the church people who passed by the one in need.

Everyone is in need of Jesus’ saving care.

The church leaders in the story lied!

They lied about themselves and about the God they claimed to serve.

They claimed to be the Models of Morality.

And according to their myriad law interpretations – they were!

But, the rules they lived by lied about God.


I’m going to meddle a little next. If you are easily offended, you might stop here.


Are we lying when -

> We act all humble and holy at church – but our daily lives away from church are less than honest, aggressive, cut-throat?

> We act Christian at work – during the week – but we skil Sabbath School – and maybe Church?

> We are all smiles and hugs (pre-covid) and greetings at church – but have no contact with vulnerable members during the week?

> We profess verbally the importance of church community and services – but show up maybe once a month for church?



It is not my intent to offend.

It is my intent to jog readers’ thoughts – to perhaps awaken realization of needs for change.

To be a catalyst for change.


If you feel the need to set me straight, email me.

Thank you of reading.

Share as you see fit.