"I Gave You My Sabbaths"

The plea to Remember is in the center of the Commandments presented by God as the basis of His government (Exodus 20).

The organization of the Law is a chiasm. In the chiastic format the most important statement is in the center of the whole. The rest of the statements gather their importance from this center.

The “Love God” principles are presented first, with the “Creator Emphasis” as the anchor, the most important cornerstone.

Then “Love Your Neighbor” principles spring from that foundation as a natural, logical result of reverence and love for God.

The command to Remember says that God knew humans are likely to forget.

But it also anchors the fact that The Sabbath is not a new expectation.

In fact, Genesis records the origins of the Sabbath. (Genesis 1, 2)


God spent six days pouring out His science, artistry, and love into this Earth.

He demonstrated the power of His words by speaking into existence the sequence of life-support systems that would culminate in the hand-crafted life-form – man and woman - shaped with His own hands, receiving breath from His own mouth.


Everything they needed for life and happiness was ready: companion, home, pets, employment – plus, a personal connection with their Creator.

Fresh from the hands of God on that very first sixth day of the very first week, they were not tired. Certainly, God was not tired.

Yet, He paused and carefully crafted a memorial in time – a Sabbath.


The Bible says in Genesis 2, He “rested on the seventh day...”

He ended the work that He had made and rested.

Not because He was tired.

Not because Adam and Eve were tired.


But, to preserve in time a weekly cycle of seven days as evidence and to celebrate three unchangeable facts:

     >He is the Creator;

     >He created this earth and everything in it (everything that exists everywhere);

     >He desires to spend time with us.


Eventually it became necessary for God to publish the full text of His Moral Law – the Law of His Kingdom.


You see, after 400+ years of slavery, His chosen people had forgotten what Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph had known: God’s rules for living in harmony with Him.

So, He wrote them in stone and gave them to Moses for safe-keeping.


The foundation of the relationship with God and God’s creation is spelled out in the Fourth Commandment-

The Heart of the Law!

     Remember, you are created by Me

          Not evolved, not an accident, not by chance.

     I Am the Creator

     I invented the week cycle

     My Day comes at the end of the week, not the beginning

          Spend the first six days of the week working

          Rest on the seventh day

               Rest your family

               Rest your servants

               Rest your animals

               Rest the visitors and strangers in your land

On My Sabbath, Observe the works of My Hands

Celebrate with worship and song

The right observance of My day will result in

     a friendship between us that

     will shape you into My Image.


Then we will be able to resume the friendship for which you and the Garden of Eden were created.


Even in Heaven and in the New Earth, the Sabbath will continue to be celebrated (Isaiah 66:23).




What better way is there to get ready for those Sabbaths with Jesus, than to begin worshiping on His Holy Sabbath days here on this earth!


How Can We Help?


Find a Sabbath-Keeping fellowship and join them.

Study The Bible to be sure you are observing all things, as commanded by Jesus.


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