Honor and Be Honorable

From the Bible:

Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


For Children


Honor’ from the Online Dictionary...

> Hold in great respect,

> Hold in high esteem,

> Have a high regard for,

> Defer to,

> Look up to,

> Think highly of…


From the Roberts Dictionary I add...

> Do nice things for,

> Treat well,

> Bring honor to as a result of your life,

> Be someone your parents can be proud of,


Be a person that when a stranger observes you they say, “He or she must have wonderful parents!”


For Parents


I think there is also some counsel here for parents.

It is expected of parents that you

Live the principles of a God-Centered life so that

Your Children learn the importance of His Way.


Parents pass on the family traditions to the children through repetition.

How to celebrate birthdays,

How, when, and where to take vacations,

Holidays and their trappings.


Parents instill knowledge and attitudes about

> work,

> play,

> loyalty,

> family,

> relatives,

> treasures,

> love,

> God.


Paul referenced this Commandment in Ephesians 6: 1-3, as “the first commandment with a promise.”


The promise comes after the word “that.”

Think of the command this way -

Honor your parents! (Do this – so) “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”


Do this! A Divine Imperative – a Command.


What does our treatment of our parents have to do with life going well with us and our future being secure in the Promised Land?




The family is the Heart of Society. God planned it that way and it is still true today.


We know, just from looking at the results of physical heart disease, that the health of the whole body is bound up in a healthy heart.


So it is in society.

>Failure to comply with the Divine Imperatives in the Family Commandment results in a host of societal diseases.

> Disrespect for authority is rampant.

> Glorification of Crime is celebrated on TV and the big screen.

> Rejection of the rights of ownership – taking by force what is not yours, but you want it – and you might get away with it.

> Disregard for ownership responsibilities – homes, neighborhoods, communities fall into decay and refuse litters the streets and yards.

> Openly false claims for products that bring harm to the body – leading to cancers, disease, and death.

> Lying about the popularity to be gained and the increased enjoyment of life by drinking, smoking, injecting, swallowing poisonous substances.


Be Honorable


Part of the role of the parents as stated in the Commandment is to be honorable – be worthy of receiving honor and respect from your children and grandchildren – and community.


Satan is a devious, intelligent foe. He knows that his way is certain death. So he can’t advertise honestly – Who would buy?


There is one more element in this command…

Honor the God-Given privilege of Family by training in the ways of God the children entrusted to you.


Which opens the door to the Family of God – the Church Community.

All of the children in the church are entrusted to the members of the church. Leading out in the Children’s Departments in Sabbath School, Pathfinder leadership and support, church school support – both financial and physical.


Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… This command is for all of the church family.


Honor and Be Honorable.


The Land which the Lord thy God giveth you” may not be realized until the New Earth. But, good stewards live each day as if the Master may return today.



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