God In My Heart

There is strong evidence that God has placed within His creations a Worship Sanctuary.

A God-shaped center in our consciousness.


As I noted in last week’s post, it exists in each of His creations who is capable of reasoning.

Some refer to it as Choice. What will be worshiped? Who will I serve?

Some call it Conscience. Distinguishing between Right and Wrong.

The Bible refers to it as – The Heart.


This God-shaped center infuses us with “The Need to Worship.”

Perhaps we could say that it is a consciousness of being a created being that is dependent on an outside Force to provide me with Life Energy.


This Sanctuary was designed by and originally filled by God.

It is - Awareness of God – Who He is, What He is in relation to created beings, Devotion to Him, Ability to enter into a worship relationship with Him, Submission of allegiance to Him.


God intended that He could communicate with His creations through this Sanctuary.

Worship and Communion with Him were to be integral to our lives.

The resulting Friendship and Trust were to direct us to submission and obedience to His Law of Love.


God desired that Adam and Eve would reserve this Sanctuary Experience for Him.

He desires that of us also.

But He has given us the Power of Choice.


Each of the Heavenly Angels has this Inner Worship Sanctuary.

Consider the evidence of Lucifer’s Rebellion. Some of the angels in heaven were convinced to switch their worship from God to Lucifer.


Now there are two Supernatural beings that exist in the Universe.

Each of them – God and satan – seek our decision for who we will place in our Worship Sanctuary.


Moment by moment, throughout each day, we make choices that determine ‘Who Will Occupy My Worship Sanctuary.’


The worship that is trained to take place in my Sanctuary molds, shapes, controls my whole Life Being. In addition, my choices determine my Future.


It is a Law of the Mind - “You will become like the god that you worship.”

History is replete with evidence of the truth of this Law of the Mind.


Satan’s Methods


Satan is against everything that is God.


Satan is a master of deception, illusion, and confusion.

He works to get you and me to be deceived – to believe his lies about God.

He works to create a variety of illusions: what God is really like; what is or isn’t sin; what his rebellion leads to; spiritualism; evolution.

He works to keep people confused about truth and error, about right and wrong, about the results of not choosing, about the meaning of and reason for life, about good and evil.


We can choose to place a wide range of gods in the Sanctuary: Money, Power, Fame, Success, Beauty, Self, Possessions, Drugs, Sensual Pleasures…

But each of those is a choice for satan and against God.


So be careful. Satan does not care if you claim to worship God while living his (satan’s) lifestyle and speaking his (satan’s) words.

Satan’s deceptions often look and sound like God’s truth.

How can we tell if we are being misled?


Dig into God’s Word. Every day.

Ask for understanding as you read and study.


God’s Method


In contrast, God, The Creator, has declared Himself to be controlled by Love, and has demonstrated that claim to be true.


Invite Him into your Worship Sanctuary right now.

He is waiting for you.


Over the next few weeks we will look at God’s Law of Love as spoken in Exodus 20.

We will investigate how the 10 Commandments can be called Expressions of Love from God.


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