God-Driven: Choosing Sides

Choose each day, each moment, whose side you are on.


During my growing-up years we played a lot of softball. The group would decide who the Captains would be. No matter how many kids were present, two captains were determined by consensus.


You might be familiar with the process. In my experience, the two strongest, best players were the ones in charge.


So it is in life.

There are only 2 sides.

You choose one or the other.

Neutrality is not permitted.


It wasn’t always like this. For millennia there was One Pulse of Love throughout the vast universe.

Then, Adam gave his birthright to the serpent, the usurper.

Now, two supernatural forces are at work on Earth.

God and satan.


To this day, satan is lord of Planet Earth.

Human nature lost its innocence and sovereignty when Adam and Eve sinned.


God reclaimed ownership at Calvary – but has yet to evict satan.


Spiritual Law of Choice

Each person creates an outpost in this Battlefield Earth – must choose allegiance either for God, or for satan.


Even though I may create an Outpost that flies the flag of the Creator – yet it exists in enemy territory. And it will be fiercely attacked by satan, with the intent of destroying my allegiance to God.


Despite Jesus’ victory, satan still claims the right to access my mind. To attempt to infiltrate it.


Spiritual Law of the Mind

The mind that is not filled with the Things of God will be infested with the Things Against God.


The mind is the battlefield.



Here’s how it works.

Satan works to place before us images, sounds, actions, events, feelings, emotions that enter our minds and bodies. These tools of the devil are almost constantly bombarding us.

Technology has made it virtually impossible to avoid his tools.


The onslaught of technology that attacks the user with constant contact of music, videos, podcasts, advertisements, immersive virtual reality.

All designed to undermine or drown out God’s Still, Small Voice.


Cars go past my home with “music” and sub-woofers blasting away the stillness of my garden.

My car is often vibrated from the volume and bass in passing cars.

Vile words – what passes for lyrics – are yelled at us.

Vile, immoral images are flashed onto the TV screen – even during commercials.

Profanity and subversion make up the majority of the entertainment pushed at us through TV and Internet.


We must recognize all of this as Warfare – Attacks by satan to flood our lives with his ways. Floods that may push God’s Living Water out of our minds.


Spiritual Law of Renewal

The only safety lies in shaping our lives according to God-Driven Principles.


The 10 Commandments encapsulate the minimum of the God-Driven Principles that we need to shape our lives around.

Any deviation from the 10 provide satan with a foothold in our Outpost. Then attacks from within will be certain, and defeat imminent.


This month the Parkway Blog will look at God-Driven Principles. It will not be a repetition of the 10 Commandments, but will be directly connected to the foundations of the Law of God.


Remember, the Battle is already won by God!

Victory is certain!


It’s up to me:

- to give God the Generalship of my life.

- to be faithful to maintain the Outpost For God.


As General, God will:

- Keep satan from infiltrating my sanctuary Outpost,

- Shield me from satan’s attacks, and

- Shape my life.


Choose to Be true to God.

Declare your Outpost to be God’s and fly His Flag.


Next week: To Hear The Spirit Speak