Getting to Excellence

(My Third Personal Core Value)


Excellence is not just doing some thing better than others do it.

Excellence is not a destination, like going on a trip.

Excellence is not static; it is not a stationary target.


Excellence is a continuing effort to perform more effectively – to achieve at a higher standard than previously attained.


Les Brown says, “To achieve something that you’ve never achieved before, you must become someone you’ve never been before.”


Let’s say that you make a commitment to Excellence.

In what will you excel? You must choose a specific knowledge, skill, or performance.


For me, the choice was Teaching.


For you, Step 1 below may take some investigation time.

But, if you know what your private, personal passion has been and still is – begin with Step 1 and start your adventure.


Begin developing yourself to a higher level of achievement with these steps:

1. Identify the field and the goal.

2. Become knowledgeable in the field. Know who the experts are and what they know and can do.

In many fields formal education may be required.

3. Use the knowledge to Plan, and to develop a Performance.

Performance simply means use the Knowledge and Plan to Do.

4. Arrange the services of a coach to critique your Plan and Performance.

5. Revise and Repeat.


Shape yourself so you can achieve your dream.


Remember -

Excellence is a way of life – not a destination.

It is a living choice, moment by moment, day by day.

It is not like a finish line in a race.

The race you are in is with your yesterday-self.


High Achievers share some common behaviors.


1. Three E’s : Early - Exercise - Eat

They live on a schedule.

Go to bed early; Get up early.

They take care of their bodies.

Exercise regularly; Eat nutritiously.


2. Goals

They Develop a plan.

They Set a schedule.

They Keep track of their progress with written records - journaling.


3. Knowledge

Every human achievement requires you to learn stuff that is new.

They Schedule time for Reading and Learning.


4. Application

New knowledge and new skills require practice in order for them to be your own.

They Use their knowledge and skills.

They Do.


5. Style

Many people use the same knowledge and the same skills to Do – to Apply what they have learned.

The path to being remembered and sought after – is Style.

Create what I call the “You-Persona.”

Be original. Be memorable. Be Excellent.




The event that sets some people apart while others blend in with the crowd – is Excellence.

A determination to be their best.

A commitment to realize their potential.

A passion to live to their limit.

A strength to keep on keeping on.


It is often a lonely trip.

So, find like-minded explorers who share the goal of Excellence.

I would love to read your comments.