Forgive To Forget

You have been wronged – hurt – damaged – sinned against – by the actions of another person.

Resentment rises in you, anger sets a foothold in your soul, revenge appears the only sweet that can return you to your former self.


To deal with the new ‘you’ you may be drawn to isolation.

Or the thrill of gathering disciples who can share in your feelings becomes your life’s focus.


It may seem as though “my” pain is different from others' pain.

While my brain is being freshly bathed by the juices and memories of “my” wounds, it is difficult to accept the simple truth…

The free reign of your hurt emotions results in - - personal destruction.


Blocked blessings.


Fear of what others may be thinking about you, places a barrier between you and others.

Paranoia sets out on its devious journey through your brain.

Imagination rising from your fear and paranoia can conjure up phantoms that seem real.

Yet, those phantoms are simply imaginings.


The only way to release yourself from the grip of your pain over what someone else did to you -

Is Forgiveness.


It is not important that the person (or organization) has not asked for your forgiveness.

It is not important for the other person or entity to even be aware that you feel wronged.

You cannot wait until the one who wronged you admits the ‘sin’ and asks forgiveness.




“Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense. Forgiveness overcomes negative emotions like resentment and vengeance and anger.” (Dictionary definition)


Forgiveness is not the result of receiving an apology.


Forgiveness is a gift from God!


YOU decide to activate the gift - forgiveness.

God requires of us, “Forgive others as I have forgiven you!”


It is not necessary for you, the offended one, to apologize for being hurt. I recommend that you not use the words “I forgive you.”


Instead, perhaps something like this: “God has impressed me that I have not treated you as I should have, as a Brother (or Sister) in Christ. That was wrong of me. Our relationship must be right so that we can experience the Unity that God wants for His followers.”


The offender doesn’t have to accept your sentiment.




Forgiveness brings its own rewards.


There is great freedom in sweeping clean all memories of wrongs against you.


I am not suggesting that one clean-sweep the knowledge acquired from being hurt by another.

It would be foolish to place yourself in a position to be deceived and hurt again.


Learn the lesson and move on.


Place the responsibility for righting the wrong in the hands of Jesus.




We are placed on Earth to accept God’s love and mercy, and to live in ways that will attract others. The natural friendship between friends opens the way for sharing our love for God.

We are to be paintings of Jesus, so others will be drawn to Him.


Living a life of service to God. Attracting others so we can introduce them to our Best Friend.


Evaluate your self – strengths, weaknesses, skills – your talents. Invested in God’s Business the talents entrusted to you - your Strengths and Spiritual Gifts - will be added to – maybe even multiplied.


Finally, Forgive Yourself.

See yourself as a Survivor – not as depicted on a TV show.

A Survivor determined to rightly represent God despite life’s hurdles and dips.




Seek Peace and Joy.

These will not be found in the life lived for self.


Peace and Joy come from the calm assurance that God is in control in my life.

Dig into the Bible.

Serve others.

Identify others who have the same Heavenly Goal as yours.

Be a friend.



How have you overcome the anger of being mistreated?

Write to me.