Faithfulness Brings Rewards

God is Faithful.

Jesus came to this earth to live that faithfulness.

He has promised that we will become like Him as we serve Him.


Is it too much to ask that we be faithful to Him after all that He has done for us?


“You never hear Jesus say in Pilate’s judgment hall one word that would let you imagine that He was sorry that He had undertaken so costly a sacrifice for us. When His hands are pierced, when He is parched with fever, His tongue dried up like a shard of pottery, when His whole body is dissolved into the dust of death, you never hear a groan or a shriek that looks like Jesus is going back on His commitment.” (Charles Spurgeon)


“Christ likeness is the substance of spiritual dedication.” (John MacArthur)


The Bible speaks often of Faithfulness and the rewards to be realized from that character trait.

Resurrection or Translation

Space Travel on a cloud

The Crown of Life

Fruit from the Tree of Life

Mansion in a City of Gold


All for Being a Friend and Being Faithful

Words similar in meaning are: Allegiance, Perseverance.


How does one go about nurturing Faith?

Faith develops from hearing (or reading) the Bible.

Faithfulness is the result of believing and then exercising the belief.


The Bible record is replete with histories of people who have chosen to be faithful. They serve as reminders to us how we should be structuring our lives.


The Bible does not leave out the stories of those who began as faithful, but then became faithless. These serve as warnings to us how we should avoid building our characters.


Action Steps to Faithfulness


Step 1 requires that we become familiar with God’s perspective

– what He expects (requires), and

– how He is involved in building us into faithful followers.


The Bible is the only safe place to search for God’s Perspective.

The only way for you to reach this requirement is with personal, persistent Bible study.


Caution: Satan’s counterfeits are out to divert your attention from the truths of the Bible by cloning bible truths into false information with hardly noticeable errors in them.


Step 2 takes us on a tour of what we have to contribute to the process.

The Bible tells us that we have only one thing that can be used to appeal to God: Our Need.

Even the desire to find out more about God is a gift from Him.


Step 3 leads us to a place of earthly support. It is difficult to remain on fire when you are alone.

Find fellowship in a community of believers who have the same desire to honor God through a life lived in loyalty to the Bible truths.


A daily connection with God and His Word is the only safe way to develop Faithfulness.

Perseverance in the walk with God results in Faithfulness like that of Bible Examples.


Like Daniel and his three friends.

Prisoners of War, relocated to the foreign capitol, forced into a re-training regimen so they would be useful to their captors.

Forced to learn the beliefs and customs of their new homeland.

Yet, with the very first test – diet – they declared that they were prepared to die rather than enjoy the forbidden delicacies.

Faithfulness in what appears to be a small matter resulted in earthly promotion in the earthly kingdom. More importantly, faithfulness reserved places of honor for them in the Chronicles of the Faithful.

Most importantly, their faithfulness secured homes for them in the Heavenly Jerusalem, to live forever with their Best Friend, Jesus.


Faithfulness may not be in fashion on this earth, but this earth will be wiped clean and a New Earth will take its place.

And the inhabitants of that New Earth will be The Faithful from the Old Earth (the one we are in right now).

Be Faithful.


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