Dreams To Understand

Early in Daniel’s career God gave the king a dream which revealed, in broad strokes, the history of the world empires.

The king could not understand, or even recall, the dream, so Daniel was chosen by God to be His Minister, a revealer, recorder, and interpreter of dreams and visions.


Because Daniel faithfully recorded his experiences, we have a true record of several dreams that unfold the history of the world before it happened.

When we study Daniel’s record of four visions, we are able to place world history events in the context of those visions, and understand the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms.

In addition, we are able to see the supernatural powers that are at play in this world.


We are currently in a world-wide pandemic with a virus. People, leaders, governments, and spiritual advisers are facing a series of crises that could result in an economic and political disasters that could bring the world to collapse.


That sounds scary. It sounds like I should be stockpiling supplies and food, and barricading myself behind an arsenal of weapons and defenses.


But, I’m neither scared nor bunkering.

You see, the visions recorded in Daniel chapters 2, 7, 8 and 9, reveal the joyful fact that God was in control a thousand years ago, and He is still ruling the rise and fall of nations. In addition, the experiences of Daniel and his friends assures us that He is able to conquer the flames, no matter how many times they are ramped up.

And He is able to quiet the fiercest of dangers that may be placed in our paths.


The devil loves for people to operate from the basis of fear and ignorance.

When he can keep us off balance, away from our regular daily devotions, away from the Word of God that tells the truth about God and the Future -

We quickly run out of ammunition with which to quench the fiery darts of the enemy.


God always tells the truth.

Satan always mingles just enough truth in his lies that we can easily be fooled.


Now is not the time to give up in despair.

Now is the time to reinforce our courage with the truth of God.

God is in control.



A few days ago I prepared some seed-starting soil in little peat pockets. I carefully placed one or two seeds in each pocket.

Since then I have faithfully watered and protected the soil cups.

Yesterday I witnessed some cotyledons pushing out of the soil.

Of the 50 cups fewer than 10 showed new growth.


I don’t know what’s going on under the surface, in the dirt.

I believe that the power of a life-giving God is working on those brown or black seeds that I buried.

I believe that they will grow and produce a harvest.

I believe that God is asking the same of me that He asks of the seeds.

Stay where I planted you. Be patient while I provide the right nutrients, heat, water, to become what I planned for you.

Trust me.

I’ve got this under control.

Stay in my care.


Read your Bible.

Go on-line and search for a topical Bible reading plan on Faith.


God can be trusted. Have Faith.