Do You Have Ownership Loyalty?

The Bible records that God formed the first earth people with His own hands.


Think of something you have made with your own hands.

What feelings and emotions do you have toward that handmade object?

In college I took a class in ceramics – throwing clay on a potter’s wheel into the shape of a bowl. I made several of them. I still have a couple. I have kept them because they are important to me. Whenever I look at those objects I experience several emotions.


Obviously, we are unable to breathe life into anything we make, so the connection is imperfect.

But… in a small way our connection with what we make is similar to God’s connection with us – His creation.


God created man and woman on Friday – the first Preparation Day.

He then spent the first Sabbath with them getting acquainted. He already knew them, but they needed to learn about Him. He needed to instruct them of His love by spending time with them.


I suspect that they had a few questions to ask Him.

The study of philosophy suggests that all mankind have three big questions that they spend their years investigating.

Maybe Adam and Eve asked questions similar to these.

1. Where did I come from?

2. Why am I here?

3. What about the future?


God provided the answers. Notice that I didn’t say “some answers.” The answers.

Adam asks, “Where did I come from?”

God answers, “I created you! From clay, no less! With these two hands!”


Adam asks, “Why am I here?”

God answers, “Your purpose is to participate in My love.”


Adam asks, “What about my future?”

God answers, “Your future is secure and limitless as long as you stay together and stay away from the tree in the middle of your garden-home.

“Trust Me. Only do what I show you. If you have a question about anything, wait and talk with Me about it.

“I will come to spend time with you each evening, plus every Sabbath.

“Trust me. I want only what is good for you.

“Stay together.

“Wait for Me.”


Abundance Given – One Test


God gave them their bodies – handmade.

God gave them their breath – God’s own breath.

God gave them a home – a garden that He personally planted – just for them.


Every animal, every tree, every plant in their home spoke of God’s love and care, and demonstrated the effects of living within His plan, according to His guidance.


Life, companionship, artistic creativity, limitless opportunities for for learning and doing, vital energy, and enthusiasm to last an eternity, instruction and guidance from the mind of God.


All these and more were theirs!


One test point existed in the midst of this abundance:

“The fruit on this tree is forbidden!!”

“Stay away from it!”

“Stay together!”


Could they possibly question God’s love? His bounty? His generosity? His authority?

Hundreds to thousands of edibles provided and blessed!

One caution:

“The only place in your home where there is danger, is in the middle of the garden. Stay away from that tree!”


Ample warning.

Simple to obey.


Yet, when they disobeyed, God did not leave them. He did not discard them and start over.


Instead He took on Himself the penalty. He quietly and sadly demonstrated the result of disobedience.

A Lamb had to die.

They had to help with the Sacrifice.


The Sacrifice would take the punishment required for their sin, so that they could experience the reward of becoming ‘at one’ with God again.




God created me.

He showed His love for me by redeeming me from the slavery to sin.


He asks me to remember the time that, even today, He reserves to spend time with His redeemed earth people. Time that He set aside during Creation Week for me.


God owns me, by creation and by redemption.


Call it Ownership Loyalty.


I choose to honor His authority in my life by worshiping with fellow believers every weekly Sabbath.


I am owned by Love.


(The Genesis record may be one of your reasons to be a Sabbath-Keeper. Yet the way that you tell about this reason (and the other reasons you have) will connect with and make sense to others in ways that my words don’t.)


I encourage you to write your story and share it with me. (