Dedicated To Do

What type of dedication is required of the Followers of Christ today?


How could we define the character trait of Dedication?


Queen Esther revealed a facet of the Dedication Gem. When contronted with the option of doing and facing death or remaining silent and escaping detection, she declared, “I stand for God. If I perish, I perish.”


Dedication cannot exist without courage.

Dedication relies on a Reservoir of Purpose.

Dedication means that my mind is firmly determined to accomplish.

Perseverance draws strenght from Dedication.


In the Spiritual Life, dedication results in actions to structure the habits of life so that nothing interferes with the relationship between Jesus and me.


A challenge arises when we view life activities as either big or little, important or trivial.

In fact, there are no little choices to be made. Every action can become a habit. Every habit either draws us closer to Jesus, or separates us from Him.


Daniel understood the imperatives of the small parts of life, such as diet. His dedication to faithfulness in the foods he ate, resulted in him counseling world leaders.

More importantly, his mind was prepared to receive visions of Earth’s Future and to share that knowledge with us.


Dedication to keep my life acceptable to God requires courage.

Courage to filter and control what goes into my mind through my eyes and ears – my senses.

Perhaps that courage is an extension of the commitments to study the Bible, learn from the Spirit of Prophecy guidance, attending Sabbath School (not just church).


(A brief side note here. If Sabbath School is not meeting your needs, get involved – volunteer to teach a class, lead in a children’s department – show up and show us how to meet your needs and expectations. BTW, that process will begin with personal Bible study – including, but not only, the Sabbath School Lessons.)

I know, now I’ve gone to meddling. But fellowship puts courage into your Spiritual Bank account.


God has graciously spelled out for us the small bricks (habits) that grew into Enoch, David, Daniel, Mary, Dorcas, Esther.


We tend to see the ‘ready for the test’ saint and marvel that “I could never be that!”

If you did not, as a child, begin to develop your ‘Daniel-Genes,’ don’t despair! It is NOT too late! No matter your age!


God takes on re-hab projects right up to your last breath.

But, don’t wait until then.

Begin now.

Start. Re-start.

Continue working out the habits of Dedication with courage.


He promises, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you!”

“He that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.”


Look at Peter.

Look at Saul, who became Paul.

Look at Mary Magdalene.


Control the wash of media that seeks to drown us. The majority of it is pollution.

Even in the best of situations, a 24-hour Sabbath cannot balance 144 hours of shock.

Daily time with Jesus and His Word is necessary for dedication to result in balance between Earth and Heaven.


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