Courage In God’s Way

They were prisoners-of-war, taken hostage and moved to the capitol city of the enemy.

In keeping with the customs of the conquerors, the best of the prisoners were selected and groomed to be in the king’s employ.


Food from the king’s table.

Front-of-the-class positions in the university.

Clothes, apartments, honor – all offered in return for becoming loyal to the king.


Most of the captives bought into the program. The life-style was attractive. The honor was more than they had expected.


Risking demotion and even death, four men refused the king’s generosity.


These men had been trained to view position in society, food, clothes, honor – as gifts from God, bestowed on those who were loyal to the only true God.

Acceptance of the king’s bounty denoted an acceptance of the king’s gods, who were credited with the victory over the captives.


To accept the king’s offers meant denial of their values and their God’s requirements.


Disobedience to God’s requirements was the easy way.

To refuse the king, probably meant death by execution.


It takes courage to stand for right and true.


Not just daring.

But a strong resolution to achieve, to complete a task, despite resistance and difficulties.

Determination and persistence in pursuit of the Spiritual relationship that honors and serves God.


We know the experiences of Daniel and his three friends.

We know of them because they had the courage to obey God.


When God requires something, He provides the way.

We must be willing and obedient.

And that takes courage.


Courage, in its simplest form, is found in ones attitude.

When presented with a battle or a task -

The statement -

The belief -

The determination -

WE can do that! God and I.



Where does it come from?

How does one become courageous?


We tend to see the big adventures in history and with Bible characters.


George Washington at Valley Forge

The Three Hebrew in the Fiery Furnace

Daniel in the Lions’ Den


And we shake our heads, doubting our courage to do as they did.


But it is in the little things that courage is planted and nourished.


Saying “No!” when friends and companions ask us to do something that is just a little wrong.

Making the time to read the Bible regularly.

Praying before eating when in a public place.

Choosing not to say expressions that are suggestive or kinda using God’s Name in a casual way.

Completing a monotonous task at a high quality, even when no one is watching.

Speaking a praise or testimony to God when it comes into your mind.


David caring for and protecting the sheep

Completing the chore of washing and folding and putting away the laundry

Washing the dishes to squeaky-clean


Exercising faithfully

Eating only one cookie


Regular private devotion time


We are prisoners of war, too. Held captive in the territory of God’s enemy.


Few of us will have the public experiences of the examples offered here.

But we, too, can be courageous.


The Reward?


And, one day, we will hear the words spoken by Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have courageously completed the mission that I gave you. You bring Me joy!”


Courage! Stand for the right though the heavens fall.