Cherish Intimacy

Exodus 20:14

Thou shalt not commit adultery.


Sexuality is a gift from God. It is part of His plan for humanity.

As with all of God’s gifts, there are rules, expectations for its use.

>It is to be under the control of reason.

>And reason is from the Mind of God, shared with His creation.


Definitions of Adultery:

Sexual contact with someone who is not your spouse.


Using your sexuality for purposes other than the two reasons for the Gift from God.

It could be one or more of

>Wrong Partner;

>Wrong Reason;

>Wrong Time;

>Wrong Place.


Two Reasons for God’s Gift of Sexuality

1) The two become one: emotional, psychological, spiritual Oneness

2) The two become one physically in the children that are created.


Story Example

One Christmas we gave our grandson the gift of a train set – tracks, power supply, beautifully crafted engine and cars.

As was his tendency, he chose to use the boxes to create tunnels, forts, warehouses. He soon had spent more time with the packaging than he had with the train.

He could have, except for the intervention of the givers, taken the engine outside for play.

Play catch with it;

Run it through the sand and mud;

See how far through a puddle it would run;

Play bombing practice with rocks and dirt clods.

You get the idea.

If he had, what effect would that likely have had with using the train as intended on the tracks?


Receiving A Gift

Sex is a Gift from God.

As with all gifts it should be opened at the right time.

As with all gifts, the one receiving it can use it in ways not intended nor approved by the giver.


It comes with privileges.

It comes with responsibility.

It brings pleasure.

All living, growing things in Nature have reproductive organs and behaviors.

Sex is not evil.

- When used within God’s Gift Guidelines.



But it also has the Danger Caution.


Violation of the Prohibition means - The Do-er will experience negative consequences.

Violation of the Prohibition warns - There is danger in Do-ing.

God never with-holds Good Gifts from His children.


Wrong Info


The Experience of ‘Becoming Disillusioned with Life’s Pleasures’ describes those who disregard God’s rules.


We are told by scientists and even theologians today that life evolved spontaneously onto this planet. Accidental, mysterious, unduplicatable, random.

Complexity somehow struggled through that accident into the Nature we see on Earth today.

God, we are told, had little to do with the miracle of life or reproductive patterns.

Therefore, God has no claim on the sex acts.


In that line of reasoning the two primary features of sex are

1) Pleasure, and

2) Make babies.


But, because sex does not create pregnancy every time;

Because the partners do not contract disease every time;

Because even a counterfeit connection with another human brings momentary pleasure;

Because God does not execute judgment immediately on violation of His Law of Life;

For these reasons, sexuality is celebrated as if it were a human achievement.

Sexuality is flaunted as the reason for life.


However, the societal effect of disobedience of the Command is that humans become predators on the weak and vulnerable. The world is becoming like Sodom of Biblical renown, in which no one was safe from sexual exploitation and sexual violence.


One, As With God

The ‘Become One Experience’ describes the human psychological, emotional, and spiritual responses to the inclusion of sex between two humans who follow God’s Guidance.


God’s Rule found in His Commandments protects the family unit as the foundation of society.

When sexuality – cherished intimacy – is treated as God intends, husband and wife live in Unity, every hour, every day.


This Family Sanctity woven through time embraces the entire family, and shelters it from intruders.

This Gift from God, when treasured and exclusive, as He designed, also protects the members of the family unit from the satanic counterfeit lures that abound in the world today.