Can You See Me?

I think Integrity may be the most difficult value to live up to.

What does it mean?

In simplest terms, Live so that there is only one Me.

Not a Home-Me.

Not a Work-Me .

Not a Church-Me .


Make my life agree with my standards.

This is difficult to do if I have not established what my standards are.


Honesty and accuracy in my actions and words doesn’t just ‘happen.’

In order for Integrity to hold a place in my life, there must be an intentionality and thoughtfulness in my words and actions.


Choice was one of the most important gifts that God gave to the Human race at creation.

A hundred times each day we make choices.

Most of our choices are based in Habit – by the time we are adults.

An automatic response.


The question, “Why did you do that?” often yields the response, “I don’t know...”

We often pattern our responses and choices as our parents did.


Inspect your ‘automatic’ responses to see why you have developed those habits.


Integrity will be evident in my actions, my decisions, my methods.

It will be heard in my words.



Job is my hero for Integrity.

God pointed out Job as a prime example of a Man of Integrity.

Loyal to God in every part of his life. He loved good and eschewed evil.


Satan challenged God to a duel, using Job as the foil.

Based on the story, Job loved his family. He cared for them as he was able to do – liberally. That is the way that God dealt with him, and he practiced what he preached.


Storms of satanic origin swept over the land and Job’s children and grandchildren were killed.

Because Job’s top Value was Worship, he responded to the calamity with a calm assurance that God knew what He was doing. “Blessed be the Name of the Lord!”

And he sinned not.


His closest friends, even his wife, urged Job to face the facts as they appeared to be.

“Curse God and die!”


Like Jacob, Job responded, Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him. I will not let go. For I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that I can trust His integrity.


Today the world is ‘filled’ with people who profess a particular value or role that seems advantageous and popular at the moment. In an absence of Integrity, I can put on an act for the camera for the purpose of personal gain.

And when the culture changes, I change right along with it.





The Integrity Value says there is only one Me.

I choose to stand with God.


Integrity is my second Value.

Since it comes under Worship Value, every detail of Integrity is filtered through my relationship with God and with my family.




Are you working on Your list of Personal Core Values?


Comments are welcome.