Avoid the Wolves

Servant Leadership.


The phrase seems an oxymoron.

It’s one of those things in Christianity that confuses the business leaders in the world.

Christian Leadership, as designed by Jesus, is not an easy task. Oh, the end rewards are amazing, but the earthly challenges are intimidating. That’s probably why Jesus observed that He was “leaving us as sheep among wolves.”


They know how to focus on the job.

But wolves leading the church is not what Jesus had planned for His People.


“If any would be first among you, let him first be the servant of all.” Matthew 20.


How does one go about developing the habit of Servant Leadership?


The answer is simple. So simple that it seems unlikely to be right.


Take note of what needs to be done, and do it. Quietly. Unnoticed.

Volunteer if the Church Board needs to be involved.


There are many ways that a person demonstrates leadership.


It is a fact often overlooked that the regular, loyal member, who is on-time and present when the church doors are open, is one of the most important members.

Others look up to him or her.

As an example of faithfulness, such a person is a leader.


Simple things you can do to develop Servant Leadership:

Straighten the Hymnals and Bibles in the racks where you sit.

Be sure that the floor and the walkways are un-littered.

Pray for the pastor, the elders (by name), the deacons, the deaconesses, the children & Youth department leaders, the adult teachers …

If you are a phone person, call a member during the week, just to check up on him or her.

Send a postcard or email or text to encourage a member.

Smile and greet as many as you can on Sabbath.


This one will get me in trouble, but here goes…

It’s difficult to be a leader when you miss many of the meetings.


Each of God’s followers has a talent that is needed in the fellowship of the church.


Look for visitors or people who you don’t know well, or people who have been missing lately. Go out of your way to greet and be friendly.


Look for God’s touches in your life throughout the week. Choose one and share it with your Sabbath School class.


Come to Sabbath School and participate in a class.


Write about your encounters with God and share them on the Church Blog. The editor is always looking for help.


Pray for eyes that will see the opportunities for investing your talent-gift.


Service is about usefulness.

The key to service is the attitude and question, “How may I be useful?”

Within the structure of life’s interactions with others, “What can I do to fill a need?”

Within the family of your church, “What may I do to make the services better reach the needs of the members?”


It isn’t about the size of the gift, it’s about the proper use of it. God’s delight in the faithful stewards is over-the-top no matter what the amount may be.


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