Antidote For Fear

Right now Faith is the only reliable antidote for Fear.


So, how do I get my inoculation dose of Faith?


“Faith comes by hearing” Romans 10:17

"But,” you protest, “what I’m hearing is creating fear in me, not Faith!”

“Precisely! Because of what you’re listening to, you have developed faith that all of the bad is really going to happen.”


You’ve got to change the channel!

The rest of Romans 10:17 explains the heavenly facts. “The message (that brings a calming faith) is heard through the word about Christ.”


Change the channel!

Tune in to your Bible instead.



Your Bible is a faith multiplier.

But only when your mind is hearing the message about Christ.


You need just enough faith to begin the treatment.

BID – twice each day – morning and evening, take into your mind a solid dose of faith as recorded in God’s Word.




Here’s the Rx – the prescription:

Get a Composition Notebook.

Read the following chapters from the Bible, one each day.

Read the same chapter morning and evening.

Then, Respond to what you read. Just a short note to God,

about something you have encountered in the chapter.

Or, how this scripture affects you.

It might even be something that you could share with a friend or colleague.


As you develop this routine, you will discover that you have devotional thoughts that could be shared with others, as a testimony of your faith and walk with God.


Then look for opportunities to share.

Join a study group.

Start a study group.

Tell your Sabbath School teacher ahead of time that you have something you’d like to share with the group.

Dosages to Take


2 Chronicles 20

Isaiah 12

Psalm 91

Isaiah 26

Proverbs 3

1 John 4

Isaiah 40




Send me a message telling me how you followed (or didn’t follow) the plan and the results in you.


Remember, even with a medical Rx, it often takes 14 days to notice an improvement.


Next week I’ll give 7 more Scriptures that are offered by The Great Physician as antidotes to the fears of this world.


Commit to at least a month of taking this Rx.