A Love Response

God is Love.

Love is a choice.

It follows that, God is a choice.


God needs to love. It is His Nature. He is no Pretender.


I offer a human parallel -

    I am a gardener.

    I need plants to nurture -

       - seeds to plant,

       - sprouts to shelter and nourish,

       - plants to give the necessary ingredients for a productive life

          soil, water, nutrients

          sunshine, shade, support

  conditions and attention and garden skills

that help the plants achieve their mission in life.


See the parallel to God?

I know. Every earthly analogy fails in some ways.

But God’s love never fails.


Love Acts must be given by choice, else it is a charade perpetrated to deceive the recipient into a slave relationship.


Motivation makes the difference.


Love Acts toward God are rather easy to fake.

Go to church, tithe, quote scripture, don’t swear, even preach and teach.


Jesus talked about Fakers.

Virgins with lamps gone out

Sheep in wolf clothes

Look good, big offerings, long prayers, but inside rotten bones.


But the only person we are to investigate is Ourselves.


It’s a personal thing between you and God.


Is He your Friend? If you’re not sure, pursue the Skills of Friendship with Him.

1. Spend Time with Him.

Bible study, Prayer, Go to His House

2. Find out about His interests and Develop your own interests in the same things

For instance, we know that He is interested in Nature. It is His second book.

To get interested in anything, learn more about it. Study, Learn. The more familiar it is, the more you will enjoy it, and the more of God you will discover in His Handiwork.

3. Share with some human friends what you are discovering from doing Numbers 1 and 2 above.


Let down your guard with God. I know, with human friends that’s risky advice.

But with God, it’s safe. He won’t hurt you.

In each of His creations God placed a special God-Shaped Sanctuary designed for Worship.

This Sanctuary is connected to the Choice Control Room.


For thinking, reasoning creatures the occupant of the Sanctuary is chosen by the creature.

Whoever or Whatever is chosen to occupy the Sanctuary, enters into a love affair with the owner.


The Sanctuary cannot be left empty. It must be occupied.


When God is not chosen – Satan (Imitation God) claims ownership.



Satan has studied God’s relationships with those who choose Him. He knows the benefits and gifts and requirements, and has developed counterfeits for each one.

They look and feel like the real thing.

Even the owner may not be aware that what’s going on isn’t God’s doings.


It is imperative that a specific choice be made for God.

That choice and the friendship activities listed above are your only safeguards against the enemy of God and humans.


Love is a choice. No one will be in heaven just by chance.

It will be the result of a specific choice made FOR God.


Neither is this a one time choice and the Prize is guaranteed.

Nor is it just a daily choice – get it over with in the morning and float the rest of the day.


Choosing God is a moment by moment activity.

With time you will begin to see God in all areas of your daily life. Family time, work time, leisure time.


Awareness of God and your choice to have Him live in your Sanctuary flavors your life. Just as it is impossible to remove the salt from the food once it is cooked in, so will it be impossible to separate yourself from the awareness of God in your Sanctuary.


Moment by moment I’m under His care.

Make God your choice right now. Affirm the choice throughout the day.


If you have questions about this process – about walking through the day with God as your Choice, contact me.

Contact information for the University Parkway Seventh-Day Adventist Church is on the Home page of this website.