A Good Father

His only daughter was ill.

The best physicians were summoned.

Doctor’s orders were carried out to the letter.

Yet, she worsened.

The doctors shrugged and threw up their hands. Words about ‘God’s will’ were spoken in resignation.


Daddy was not one to sit idly by while life ebbed from his precious child.

Because he was the president of the local synagogue, he received regular reports on the whereabouts of the radical upstart called Jesus. He knew the stories of miracles, but had chosen not to believe that there was anything prophet-like in the one called Healer.


Now, things were different. All hope was gone, carried away by the physicians and mourned by the neighbors.

His mind locked onto the Jesus reports.

What if..?

What if the miracles were real?

What if the Man was Who the commoners claimed He was?


He quickly checked the latest report on the location where Jesus was last seen. Then out the door.

Devout Hebrew men did not run.

But he ran. Until his breath came in painful gasps and his legs left like lead. He ran!

“My little girl needs you!” He practiced the words in his mind, saying them like a desperate commoner.

Over and over the words rolled through his mind while his legs carried him toward the Healer.


Finally he saw the crowd up ahead. He realized that eyes were turning toward him, toward the spectacle of a Ruler running.

But he didn’t care. A last exertion and he fell at the feet of Jesus.

“I need you to come with me! My little girl is ill. The doctors have given up on her.”

“I beg of you, come with me. Your touch can heal her!”

Without a word, Jesus helped the the distraught man to his feet. Jairus led the way toward his home.


But the crowd was large. He was not the only one needing the touch of Jesus. Progress was slow.

Suddenly Jesus stopped.

“Who touched me?” He questioned, looking around at the people in the crowd. His glance paused on the face of one woman. But then continued scanning.

It must be her choice to speak up. The courage that it takes for her to speak – to tell her story and experience – would prepare her to be a constant witness – a convert and a disciple. She would bring many others of her family and friends to Jesus. This would be her first sermon.


As the procession stood still while she told her story, a messenger came with news for Jairus.

“Your daughter has died. Do not trouble the Master.”


Many desperate thoughts screamed through the daddy’s mind. The delay has cost my daughter her life!

Why did He have to stop for that woman? If this crowd was not so slow we might have made it in time!


Then he felt the touch of a hand on his shoulder. A gentle but firm touch.

He turned to see who it was and looked into the face of Jesus.

There was no sorrow in His eyes, only understanding and compassion. And confidence!

Looking into Jesus’ eyes Jairus found faith.

“Do not be afraid!” Jesus said to him. “Your daughter will live again!”

And Daddy believed.


Jairus showed his Daddy-Skills by his efforts to take care of his daughter. He saw the delay as harmful to his little girl. I think he may have urged Jesus to “Hurry!” He was focused on his daughter’s need.


But now, the delay that had caused him so much distress seemed unimportant.


The delay had provided the opportunity for many to see, hear, and believe in Jesus as the Messiah.

As the Healer and Life-Giver.


Jairus may have realized, “Jesus was able to provide the cure for that woman, with only a touch of faith. All the physicians had given up on her, just as they had given up on his daughter.”

All doubts about the authenticity of this Healer were gone.

The delay strengthened his faith in Jesus, in His ability to meet his needs and the needs of his daughter.


The rest of the journey was uneventful.

Jairus stayed as close to Jesus as he could, listening to everything He said. Faith grew stronger that He was the Promised One.


At the home, Jesus took charge.

The professional mourners were sent away, with the comment, “She is just sleeping.”

Then in the quiet of the family home, Jesus took her hand and called to her, “Get up, My child!”

Life flowed into her, and she stood up, fully alive and well.

Then He turned to the parents. “She’s hungry. Get her some food.”



We are all of us sick unto death today. This sinful existence is killing us.

Jesus is the only Healer that can take away our disease of sin.

“I am come that they may have life!” Jesus said.


Our Heavenly Daddy (Abba), is able to meet the needs of all of His children, without hurry or distractions. He works tirelessly to take care of His children.


He sent the only One who can bring us back to real life, Jesus, the Healer.


In His time, all will be restored to the sinless perfection that this Earth once knew. That will certainly be a Happy Father’s Day!


Until then, let’s stay as close to Jesus as we can, so that our faith grows stronger, and our healing is complete.