7 Ways to Fulfill the Great Purpose In Life

The Bible story of the Talents opens to us the stark fact that God expects us to DO with what we have from His hand.

Every human has been given at least one ability.


Out of the earth God formed Adam.

The Talent Story found in Matthew 25 states that the unfaithful steward buried his talent in the earth.

I don’t think it is a stretch to see a connection.

When I keep my usefulness to myself – bury it instead of putting it to use – I am an unfaithful and useless steward in the eyes of God.


Service is about usefulness.


Christ’s followers have been redeemed for service. Our Lord teaches that the true object of life is ministry. Christ Himself was a worker, and to all His followers He gives the law of service—service to God and to their fellowmen. Here Christ has presented to the world a higher conception of life than they had ever known. By living to minister for others, man is brought into connection with Christ. The law of service becomes the connecting link which binds us to God and to our fellowmen.”

Christ’s Object Lessons, 326


The key to service is the attitude and question “How may I be useful?”

Within the structure of life’s interactions with others, “What can I do to fill a need?”

Within the family of my church, “What may I do to make the services better reach the needs of the members?”




First, be present. When you are absent, it is noticed and felt. Enthusiasm is a little less, despite the best efforts of the presenters.

I shared in a recent post the experience I had of working to present an Evangelistic Effort, and the disappointment when only one person showed up for the first night.

Let’s say you invited 25 people to Christmas Dinner.

You prepared a menu and quantity for the event. You use your best recipes and taste-tests tell you that the results are superb.

The day and time arrive and 5 people show up.

You go ahead with the meal, but you keep looking at the empty chairs and wonder “Why?”

Where are they?”


Second, take pride in your church plant. Straighten Hymnals, Bible, tithe envelopes, and cards in the pew-back in front of you.

Pick up paper or other debris on the floor or pews.

Wipe down the counters in the restroom after washing your hands.

Pick up any leaves on the entry walk, so that the members and visitors aren’t distracted with clutter.



3. Look for visitors or people you don’t know, and go out of your way to greet them with a warm welcome and handshake.


4. Thank those who provide parts of the Sabbath Services – Music, Prayer, Collecting the Offering, Decorations to make the church more attractive…


5. Look for God’s Touches in your life throughout the week.

Choose one that you will share with your Sabbath School class.

Oh, yes! Be a regular member of a Sabbath School class.

Study your Sabbath School Lessons.


6. Or, write about God’s Touches in your life and submit it to the Parkway Blog for publication. Your victories will be an inspiration to others. Even if you think it is something small. Send it to eldon.roberts @ gmail.com.


7. Pray for eyes that will see the opportunities for investing your talent-gift.



The Law of Service to God and to Others was lived out by Jesus and presented to His followers as the pattern to follow.


Usefulness, Service to Others, is the object of life, for it will connect you to Jesus.


For these reasons and more, Service is the Foundation on which I have chosen to build my Personal Core Values.



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What additional ways to be involved in service can you suggest?


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