7 Reasons to Trust God

Why Trust is Needed


We humans like to brag about and feel superior because we see ourselves at the top of the food chain.

We revel in our abilities to solve our problems and create ideas that impress others.

We feel competent to handle life and its surprises.


Then illness comes along: cancer, diabetes, insomnia.

Or trouble rears its unwelcome head: family, work, social.

Dilemmas that we have no solution for, attack us.


Doubts, fears, uncertainty.

The future looms ahead like a dark cloud.


Yet God has provided evidences of His abilities, and records of His problem-solving skills in the past, so that we will learn to trust Him – before the life situation and problem reaches impending-doom status.


7 Proofs that God Can Be Trusted


1. Creation

There is a big reason why the devil wants to promote the theory of evolution.

If I firmly, confidently believe that creation is the result of God’s Creative Acts as recorded in Genesis, I am unlikely to fall for this satanic lie.

Where did the planet earth come from? God spoke and it came into existence.

Where did the 300 feet tall trees come from? God spoke them into existence fully grown.

Where did I come from? God’s creative plan for reproduction combines the two life seeds and a unique human came into existence – me (and You)!


Since (not if) God is able to do these amazing things, surely He is able to resolve any and every situation that enters my life. I can Trust Him to create the solution.



2. Flood

The Bible record in Genesis 6 details the flood event.

How did sea creatures get up on the top of mile-high-elevation mountains?

How did dinosaurs and other creatures get buried?

Yes, the flood is an historical fact.

Yet, Noah’s family and samples of each of the animal kingdoms were preserved in the ark. God sheltered and sustained the lives inside that first ship.

If God was able to protect and direct the ark and the life inside it through a storm so severe that satan feared for his life as he experienced it – certainly He can deal with my emergencies.


3. Languages

Until the Tower of Babel there was only one language spoken by all humans (Bible record).

A careful study of the structures of words in different modern languages shows a distant connection for basic communication components.

How is it that the Spanish or Italian or German learned and spoken in remote villages is basically the same across hundreds of miles. How is it that there are common sounds with the same meanings across multiple languages?

Because they had a common beginning. There was a structure to the “mixing up of the language” that God did. He is a God of order. He would not have stirred chaos into the lives of those people.



4. Universe Systems

Look at the structure of the universe – just our known system. How is it that you can find a planet or star in a determined location, following a predictable path through the vastness of space? What keeps them from colliding – or more accurately Who keeps them from smashing into each other?


Order cannot come from chaos except by the Power of a Deity of Order. God is able to bring order to my universe.


5. Scripture

The Bible record as found in manuscripts and tablets is accurate across millennia. The records agree with each other and with history.

It is only by the power of Divine protection and intervention that such could have happened.

The Truth of God has been accurately recorded and preserved so that we can be confident in God’s Word.

He can preserve and protect my little life story.



6. Jesus

The history of Jesus is not just the records found in the New Testament. The Romans were obsessive about keeping records. We know that Jesus lived, died, and rose again.

In addition, the Old Testament predictions of a Savior – a Lamb to pay the price for sin – are carefully connected with the history found in the New Testament. No discrepancies. Across thousands of years.

Humans can’t equal that even across a few months.

God demonstrated His love for me through Jesus, so I know He will accept me as His child.


7. Personal Testimony

I should have died several times from accidents or disease.

Problems for which I had no solutions should have crushed my spirit and my hope.

For more than 40 years I lived on a denominational teacher’s salary. We raised three beautiful children on that salary – plus many foster children.

God enabled my mind to understand and recall and teach the truths of Scripture and Inspiration to hundreds of young people. Through their lives as well as my own, I was witness to the effects of learning to love and trust God.




Here is a system for remembering the steps in establishing or enriching a Trust Relationship with God.

A – Accept the invitation from God, “Come!”

B – Believe He is Who and What He says He is.

C – Choose to be His child.

D – Dedicate my life to serving Him.

E – Experience the relationship that He offers.

F – Friends for Eternity.


Right now speak these words of Trust Building.

Put them on a card and place copies where you will see them often.

Renew your commitment often.