The Lost Coin

Jesus told a story about a woman who lost a coin inside her home.

This was not an “any-coin-will-do” situation.

This coin represented her marriage.

It was worn to show she had been chosen.


The coin was unaware of its value.

Neither did the coin know it was lost.


There are likely many coins around us that are lost, but don’t know it.

How do we Minister to those “coins”?

In the story told by Jesus, the woman swept her house clean, probably repeatedly, looking through the detritus of the sweep.

This might be good advice for us, too.

As we work in this ministry we must be sure that our own homes are clean.

We need to use the truths of the Bible in our own lives:

to sweep away any behaviors that may hide from ourselves the lost condition in which we find ourselves;

to sweep away the clutter that keeps us from seeing those around us who are unaware that they need to be found.

We must remove the clutter that blocks the Light of Jesus from shining through us.

We must live so that He can be the Light to reveal their need.