The Cloak Ministry

He was busy doing the farm chores that had been assigned to him. His father did not have to rouse him from the bed in the morning. Nor did he have to follow behind and clean up because the work was not quite right.


Faithful to the rules and laws for families and children as presented in the Scriptures, he was a diligent son.

And skillful. Regularly he worked with multiples of teams of oxen to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

Every ministry begins with what is close at hand that needs to be done.


One day in the field he noticed a man approaching him. He paused the team and waited, wondering, perhaps, what message he might have for him.


Elijah came close, took off his cloak, and wrapped it around Elisha’s shoulders. No command, not even a greeting.

Elijah turned as if to leave. Elisha spoke up, “Let me tell my family ‘Good-bye.’”

I suspect that one of the hired hands was already rushing to the farmhouse with the news.

Sacrifice was made from the oxen he had been working.

Then, he walked away with Elijah to learn the calling and skills of a Prophet.


Not everyone is called to be a prophet.

But everyone is called to take on the work that needs to be done in service to God.

Have you been asked to take on the cloak of a leader?

Or maybe an assistant role?

Accept the cloak and learn to minister.