Teach Ministry

Once Taught : Then Teach


(I began this discourse during the Sabbath School Lesson time this past Sabbath. We had combined two classes due to the absence of one teacher, and the inability to find a substitute.)


I learned this fact early in my teaching career:

The best way to learn some new information is to study, - then teach it to another person.


All 8 grades in one room. How could I possibly fit 40 presentations into one 7-hour school day?

In a moment of inspiration, I pulled the upper grades students around my desk, and asked each what his/her favorite subject was.

Soon I had “teachers” for each subject for each of the grades 1-4.

Several “teacher-students” later told me that they had never understood the material they had to teach as well as after that first month of the school year.


Back to the opportunity for the members of each Sabbath School class:

Each day’s lesson in the regular quarterly has at minimum one question posed.

For each question, plan your response – your understanding – your answer. (Or start off with just one day’s lesson.)


Be prepared to share your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if two or three others choose the same question.

Speaking your understanding of that part of the Lesson will deepen and expand your grasp of the spiritual truth.


After a few weeks of doing this exercise, volunteer to lead out in the class.


My guess is that every Sabbath School Teacher feels inadequate – and prays for Divine assistance in the task.


It is my understanding that Every Believer is called to Teach.

Matthew 28:19: “You go and teach…”


Obey the command with the assurance, “You’ll do well, because I Am with you.”