The Talents story that Jesus taught helps us understand Spiritual Gifts that are present in our membership.


Matthew 25:14-30 finds Jesus using a parable to help His disciples understand some of the most important truths within the Body of Believers – within the Christian Church.


Three workers are used to present some Truth.


These 3 servants represent all of the people who join His Church.


As we sit in the pews on Sabbath we can look around at the modern “servants” found in the story.

God has invested in each person there.


According to the parable each of his servants was given something to work with - gifted by the Holy Spirit.


No one has zero talents. No one has just part of a talent.


You have a talent – a skill – that is needed in the church so that our Ministry can reach those in our community who are searching for truth.


I repeat: Each person has at least 1 talent.


Do you wish you had more talents?

The parable provides the process by which you can multiply your talent.


Put it to work.

An invested talent grows in value and usefulness.


A hidden talent has no value.


Many times God uses a fellow church member to help you see your talent.

Remember when a brother or sister asked you to participate?

That was probably an invitation from the Owner to invest in His Kingdom.


Store up for yourself treasures in Heaven.

Put your talent to work in the Bank of Heaven.


Say “Yes, I will.” when asked to invest in the Kingdom work.


God’s response to my willingness – to your willingness?

“Well done, good and faithful servant! Your faithfulness opens the Windows of Heaven.”