Prodigal, Part 2

Prodigal, Part 2 (For May 19)

What does this Prodigal Account have to do with our church?

If you have been a member for a few years, you know that some members have become former-members. They no longer attend. The reasons were probably valid then, but likely don’t fit the current church environment.

But staying away becomes comfortable, and continues without special effort.


In the story, the Father did not go looking for the son. In the culture that Jesus faced at the time of the story, it was not acceptable for a father to do that. But neither did he move from where his son knew was home.


My continued presence in the church places a responsibility on me; yours carries the responsibility to you.


In our culture, searching for the lost member is not just acceptable, it is imperative.

Yet, In-reach ministry is withered and frail due to lack of use.


This is an opportunity for you. Strengthen our In-reach Ministry with your touch.

Make it a subject of prayer and study.

Is this kind of involvement just what you’ve been looking for?

Get together with the Pastor and the Church Clerk to find names and addresses of prodigal members that you can reach out to, and help bring them back to the celebration.

Pray. Listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Act.

That’s the recipe for a successful mission.