Prodigal, Part 1

Prodigal, Part 1


The odor and grunge hung around him like a well-worn coat.

His face was almost unrecognizable with the unkempt beard and tousled knots of hair that hung around his eyes and cheeks.

But his father knew him as soon as he saw the figure rise above the horizon.

Running was not acceptable for a gentleman of his standing. Yet, within two steps he hit full stride toward the son he had lost a few years ago to the allurements of the world.

Calling out orders to the servants who were constantly at his bidding, he began calling the name of his son. In moments, they were both running toward an embrace that the father had longed for.

While the son ran, he rehearsed his speech:

“Father, I am not worthy. But, may I come home as a servant – a hired hand?”

But when the embrace finally came he was cut off by the father’s joyous shouts. Servants were instructed to put into operation the homecoming that had been planned since the day the son had left.

Clothing of the finest fabric and latest colors and styles appeared.

The Banquet Menu instructed which servants to which preparation area.

And midst all of the frenetic activity, a song could be heard throughout the valley, “My son was lost, but now he’s found. He was gone, but now he’s home.”

Minstrels tuned up and took up the hallelu.

Neighbors came to check out the noise and activity, and were invited to stay for the celebration.

Heaven rejoiced in the hugs and handclasps and greetings.

And fellowship. In this fellowship everyone is welcomed and celebrated.

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