Prayer Ministry

I’m not suggesting that you don’t pray already. So, keep reading…


The prayer of a Christian for the influence of the Holy Spirit to work on the life of a friend gives God permission to do whatever it takes to reach him or her.


There are rules in this warfare between God and Satan. Satan has rightly claimed that Adam and Eve signed over their birthright to him.

Now, God could just over-power Satan and prevent him from deceiving humans.

He could over-power me or you and prevent us from choosing to live against God.


But, God is Fair.

When it comes to the power of choice, He respects the human right to choose wrong.


Yet, your prayers for a friend can give God permission to flex His muscles of Holy Spirit work. Your prayer ministry permits God to surround your friend with the ministries of love that lead to salvation.

Satan cannot repel the influences of the Holy Spirit sent at the request of a friend’s prayers.


Only Eternity will reveal the influences and results of our Ministry of Prayer for our friends and family.


And Prayer Ministry can be added to every other ministry.