Pollinator Ministry - Part 2

Attract Followers. Like flowers attract bees.


(Flowers use: Color. Aroma. Presence. Sounds.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in that info for Christians.)


We aren’t to force them, or scare them, or point out the errors of their ways.


We are to bring them into contact with Jesus through our interactions with them.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convict and convince.


We must be certain that our lives and methods are not in conflict with the God-Designed Plan.


It is the heart’s natural inclination to turn to Jesus.

The sanctuary placed in the human design longs for fellowship with God.


Satan has perverted that longing so that many seek fellowship with the things that cannot satisfy.


But our Ministry can awaken the true longing that is satisfied only with a connection with God.


Ministry, for each of us, needs to reveal that connection and show the way back to Creator-God.


Bloom where you're planted!