Ministry of Rest

Perhaps you are working too much – whether of your own choice or because of a job-related need.

Over-work results in illness.

God never calls us to work ourselves to illness.


But, sometimes the work God calls us to does seem overwhelming.


Elijah had an awesome day. God’s people experienced a revival and put away the influences of the devil. Elijah provided a magnificent object lesson proving that God hears and takes action.

Elijah ran through the torrent of rain to get the king safely home.

And Elijah was exhausted at the end of his ministry.

Exhaustion and Fear brought him close to death. He wished to be dead.


Then God taught Elijah a lesson.

Rest, drink water, eat a meal when you find yourself exhausted.

And no matter how you feel, no matter what the circumstance look like – God is present and He cares.


The weekly Sabbath is designed to give us rest. Refreshment. Centering.

Remembering the Sabbath should be a restful respite.

Connect with God on His day. He is the source of rest.

Read from His letter to you.

Talk with Him.

Rest Ministry is vital to our salvation.