Ministry of Joy - 3

Joy in the Thorns & the Weeds


Wow! Who would think to point to the thorn and the thistle as evidences of God’s love for us?


The difficulties and the trials that make life full of toil and care are appointed by God. Now, God did not create the thorns, nor does He bring trials on us.


When we experience the pain of a thorn connected to the beauty of the rose, or get our hands and arms pricked repeatedly as we gather blackberries...

When we work to have a weed-free garden – only to discover how impossible the task is...


Satan works to have us blame God for those pains and frustrations. “If God created all things in Nature, then He must be responsible for the thorns and the weeds.” is His argument.


How wonderful of God to place the beauty of the Rose on the thorny efforts of the enemy!

How caring is He to put the delicious treat of a berry on the tips of the thorny tendrils that Satan dreamed up!


God has re-purposed the manipulations of the devil to bring us closer to Him.


As we have noted in previous days – God is the Source of Joy.

We can understand then, that everything that brings us into contact with God is potentially a source of Joy.


My Joy is in direct proportion to my connection with God.