Ministry of Joy - 2

Father-God is the source of joy; Nature is the evidence.

I have never seen nor heard a sad or discouraged citizen of Nature. Aside from the blight of sin, Nature is a textbook on the Creator.

I suggest 3 ways that we can tap into this abundant joy.


1. Become better acquainted with Nature’s Designer. Books, lectures, courses, time in the natural world.

Look for evidences of Father’s Love Plan. Be purposeful in this.

It will be easy to see the evidences of sin. Don’t get bogged down with those.

The variety of shapes, colors, designs is evidence of His character and His care – for You as well as for Me, and the other inhabitants of nature.


2. Develop the skill of recognizing plants, blooms, birds, butterflies and other pollinators and residents of Nature.

What can you learn from a dandelion?

Or a rose?

Choose a plant or two and learn all you can about it, its uses, its growth cycles, its contributions to Nature’s needs – or humans’ needs.

Or an animal or insect.

Unwrap their dependency and contributions to its environment and to mankind.

Even spiders and their webs add beauty, and are beneficial to the environment.


3. Plant gardens. Add potted plants to your home decor. Learn the names of each and how to take care of them. Train yourself to direct your thoughts and comments to God. Look for things in the plant, its habits, its growth, that help you to see the Creator’s hands.

It will be easy to see the results of the curse of sin. As you notice those, ask that Father will keep you from developing those traits.


Joy must be planted and cultivated, as a Fruit of the Spirit.