Ministry of Joy


Look like you’re happy.

Act like you’re enjoying being in the House of God.


Smile, even at work.

A friend of mine used to say, “It’ll make people wonder what you’re up to.”


Cheerfulness is the outward expression of Joy. Remember? The second Fruit of the Spirit.


Joy that shows on the face and in the actions is dependent on one thing: the moment-by-moment realization that the Holy Spirit is freely given to you.


When I accept Jesus as my Savior, I am gifted with the Holy Spirit.


Because I am not familiar with how to use this gift, it may take a while to work up to using it freely... So that the Joy shows up on my face and in my interactions with people.


Smiles, handclasps, hugs, cheerfulness in doing duties, participation because you want to belong, reaching out to others who don’t seem to yet have the Gift.


Miss M, an elderly member of the church, was present every Sabbath, sitting in the same pew in the same spot. Always with a smile. When someone stopped to greet her, the smile grew even bigger.


She had Joy in the Lord and it was contagious. Everyone who lingered with her left with Joy on their faces too.


That’s one of the curiosities of the Fruits of the Spirit. They are contagious.


Pray regularly – even right now as you’re reading this – to receive the Fruit of Joy.

Father eagerly wants to bestow this gift on you.

Hold out your heart to Him and receive His gifts.


Minister with Joy.

Be contagious with it.