Lost Sheep

Sheep may wander away from the flock and then cannot find their way back unless the shepherd helps.

You know the story that Jesus told.

What does that have to do with me?

“I’m not a shepherd!” you may protest.


Perhaps God needs you to develop some Shepherd Skills.

Do you know a member of the church who is not in church on Sabbath?

Did you, at one time, have a pretty good relationship with that Non-Attending Member?


Listen carefully and you will likely hear the Spirit whispering, “Go! Find my lost sheep!”


What skills does a shepherd need?

1. Care. Care whether or not the sheep is getting the right pasture for nourishment.

2. Relationship. Developing a relationship with a person for whom you care is not difficult.

3. Search until you find. Keep reaching out with friendship and concern.

4. Escort the “Found Sheep” back into the fold.

5. Rejoice with Heaven over each sheep that is safely in the fold.


Many lost sheep were injured before they wandered.

Take along your First Aid Kit as you search.

Be sure that it is filled with promises and assurances from God.

Be prepared to Rejoice over the Lost Sheep that is found.